Efficient Safety Solutions: LED-Equipped Exit Sign with Emergency Lights


Exit signs or Emergency signs are green-coloured signs usually mounted on door tops, and ceilings in every public building.

Importance of Exit Signs 

Exit signs are a necessity in every public forum. They ensure safety and act as a guide in times of need and emergency. They are life-saving signals which are displayed for general safety and emergency evacuation.  Exit signs are mandatory and crucial because they show the way where guests can move when an emergency strikes them. It is a norm that emergency exit signs should be made visible from a distance of 100 feet. 

Also, emergency exit lights should be visible all the time, even in times of power cuts.

Exit signs with emergency lights are mostly made of LED lights. There are numerous reasons why LED lights are used instead of traditional lighting technology.

Why Are Exit Signs Made Using LEDs 

As LED lights illuminate more than other lights, they are preferred in making exit sign with emergency lights. They produce bright, radiant light which enables viewers to catch sight of it instantly. Also, they respond promptly, for which they illuminate quickly which is necessary in case of power failure.

LEDs are energy efficient. Even if they burn the whole day, they will consume very little electricity. So, they save cost and energy.

LED lights have the benefit of a longer life span. This reduces maintenance as well as replacement costs.

They are durable and carry an easy installation process. These are some of the reasons why 

exit signs with emergency lights using EDs are used.

Where Are Exit Signs Mostly Used

Exit signs with LED lights are mandatory to use in hallways, foyers, hospitals etc.

In hospitals, the EXIT sign shows the way to evade in case of emergency. The sign should be kept highly illuminated to ensure safety and protection.

Not only in hospitals, but the Emergency EXIT lights in every platform, like commercial buildings, schools, underground car parking etc. help people to evacuate to a safer place in times of need. This is why emergency EXIT lights are used and given importance equally with Fire Alarms and Extinguishers.

In offices where staff, clients, and other members are always on the go and they dwell in that place for a considerable time, 

Exit signs with LED lights are very crucial when it comes to safety reasons. Emergency exit signs mainly use LEDs because of their brightness and lustre. The light radiates over a large surface and also can be perceived from a distance. To function properly, the LED exit sign lights should also be maintained regularly by electricians to gain maximum benefits.

Type of Emergency Exit Lights

Exit signs with emergency lights are feasible in both self-contained and centrally supplied emergency exit lights. 

Self-contained emergency exit lights are built with a battery or supercapacitor, which is their backup power source along with other features including wireless monitoring or self-testing. These exit lights are utilized for smaller purposes or can be used by integrating supercapacitor technology and wireless monitoring in any location. These technologies can be applied to develop modern high-performance emergency exit lights. They are used widely to reduce the need for extra cabling in any renovation work or for new construction projects.

Centrally supplied emergency exit lights contain a central battery unit. These systems carry no additional features and can be used from comparatively small to robust central battery systems along with features like remote monitoring, automatic testing and many other attributes.

Exit signs with emergency lights can also be designed stylishly and intriguingly. They are made using LED lights with a silver metal frame or an exit light with a thin glassy light plate. These lights are made without compromising on quality and standards. They are also tested to meet the criteria and conditions issued by electricity boards.

Exit signs with emergency lights are of various types. Depending upon the place you may choose among them.

  • Wall-mounted LED Emergency Exit Sign

This type of Exit Sign is designed to keep the escape route lit for more than 3 hours. They can be mounted on walls and carry four directional arrows indicating signs from where one can choose. It is also available in maintained or non-maintained operation.

  • Single – Sided Hanging LED Emergency Exit Sign

This Exit Sign also comes in maintained or non-maintained fitting parts. They can be mounted on ceilings along with four directional arrows to choose from.

  • Double-Sided LED Emergency Fire Exit Sign

These fire exit signs are designed mainly for apartments, buildings, housing complexes and others. They come in stylish designs to complement the interiors but at the same time shows the exit route in a clearly defined way.

Role of Manufacturers in Making LED Exit Signs with Emergency lighting

  • Provide Battery Backup

The manufacturers of LED Exit signs with emergency lighting must provide a battery backup to yield 90 minutes of light in case of power outages.

  • Provide Energy Efficient Light

Modern manufacturers also curate energy-efficient LED exit lights that have the ability to operate on low voltages.

It also creates slim, modern designs to harmonize with any decor.

  • Replaced Lead Acid Batteries

The contemporary LED Exit sign manufacturers have successfully replaced the heavy sealed Lead acid battery with NiCad batteries which are safe to use and are long lasting. Long-lasting also minimizes the frequency of replacement.

  • Provide Durable Material

Led Exit Signs with emergency lighting must be designed using a particular material which should be glossy and visible from a distance. The feature letters and graphics should also be of particular size, color, and layout.

  • Easy Installation

The installation and maintenance of the LED Exit signs need to be carried out effortlessly. They also should be cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

  • UL – listed Solution

LED Exit Signs with Emergency Lights also come with UL- listed solution which proudly yields a 150-lumen red glow, for producing unflinching visibility during emergencies.

  • Manufacture Red and Green Lights

LED Exit Signs with Emergency Lights are usually made of Red and Green by most manufacturers. 

  • LED External Emergency Driver

LED Exit Signs with Emergency Lights are nowadays equipped with LED External Emergency Driver, which guarantees more efficacy during an emergency.

Apart from these, products like Double Sided/ Single sided Recessed LED Fire Exit Sign, Single-sided LED Exit Signs with Downlights and many others are also feasible. 

Exit sign with emergency lights are life-saving devices, which are mandatory to install in every public platform. This miniature device bears huge potential to guide people in the right path in times of crisis.