BusinessDiversifying Portfolios with Equity Savings Investment Funds

Diversifying Portfolios with Equity Savings Investment Funds

The ultimate goal of every investor is to diversify their investment portfolio to generate potential returns. However, while expanding your investment portfolio, choosing the investment schemes is essential. 

By selecting the right kind of investment options, you can make sure to strike a balance between the risks and rewards. If you are looking for an ideal investment option to diversify your portfolio, you may consider Equity Savings Funds.

Equity savings investment funds are hybrid mutual funds. These funds invest in various components, including stocks, risk-free hedging instruments, and FD-like instruments. 

Features of Equity Savings Investment Funds

Before you decide to include equity savings investment funds, you must know more about these options. As an investor, it is necessary to know where you put your money. Some of the key features that make these mutual funds useful for investors are:

  • Equity savings funds are a type of hybrid fund that invest in equities, debt and arbitrage securities.
  • These funds have a long-term growth feature due to the equity investment.
  • The debt element ensures relative  stability for investors who invest in the instrument.
  • In cash-future arbitrage, fund managers buy in cash and sell in futures. This may be beneficial for investors with a lower risk-appetite. 

Why should you invest in Equity Savings Investment Funds?

You should invest in equity savings funds as they act as a balanced fund. The investment in equity as well as debt ensures that there is a balance between risk and return for investors. Hence, you do not have to worry about the risk factor. The debt component of the investment may ensure that your money is safe and that you generate potentially stable returns. 

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The equity savings investment funds work well in the medium term as well as the long term. So, if you are looking for an investment option to help you derive financial value in the long run, you do not have to look any further. The hybrid nature of these mutual funds may ensure you can derive all possible benefits as an investor.  

Value for Investors

In the prevailing market setting, equity savings investment funds may be the ideal investment option. The combination of diverse components may ensure you can achieve growth and wealth maximisation. Moreover, you do not have to put yourself at risk to optimise your wealth. 

The funds aim to prioritise the safety as well as stability of investors. Adding these funds to your investment portfolio can give you ample benefits as an investor. Due to the benefits of these funds, they are highly popular among novice and experienced investors. 


Equity savings investment funds are a fairly new investment tool in the market. Investors can diversify their portfolios by adding  these funds to their portfolio. This  investment option may  create immense value for investors by potentially optimising the returns while managing the risks. These hybrid mutual funds are ideal if you are looking for an investment instrument that may potentially  maximise your returns.

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