Discover Premium Backyard TV Protection on a Budget

    Premium Backyard outdoor TV cover offering Protection on a Budget

    If you enjoy kicking back and catching your favorite shows or the big game on your patio television, keeping it protected from the elements is a must. While indoor flat screens can simply be wall mounted, outdoor TVs face the wrath of weather like rain, snow, intense sunlight and more. Investing in a heavy duty cover shields your expensive set through seasons of use for less than $20 with ACPCovers.

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     Guard Your big screen Television With an outdoor cover

    It starts simple – first placing a television outside under an overhang or pergola seeming convenient. But before you know it, friends insist on viewing parties beneath the stars and outdoor playoff face-offs become tradition. Soon that patio TV is your backyard entertainment hub.

    The problem? Flat screens aren’t designed for outdoor placement with moisture, dust, debris and temperature extremes leading to foggy picture, cracked screens and premature breakdowns. Replacing failed open-air televisions gets expensive fast. But a properly fitted weatherproof cover from ACPCovers guards your investment through all of nature’s temper tantrums.

     Total outdoor tv Protection from Summer Heat to Winter Chill with a cover

    Crafted specifically for backyard patio TVs, barbecue spot monitors even poolside screens, ACPCovers shields vulnerable flat panels from all angles. Side vents allow airflow to prevent moisture condensation between the screen and barrier. Clear vinyl windows let remote signals in and out while a handy pocket safely stashes controls.

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    The heavy duty outdoor television cover barricades your display from:

    • Blazing sun and UV rays that damage screens
    • Driving rain leaving interior electronics wet
    • Snow pile up and winter winds blowing ice crystals
    • Tree sap, pollen and staining bird droppings
    • Nesting insects and investigating little hands 

    These elements can add up fast, but consistent use of your outdoor tv cover from ACPCovers protection prevents hundreds in future replacement or repair costs – all for just $19.99!

     Choose from different outdoor tv cover Colors to match Your Exterior Decor

    Available in versatile colors like classic black, ocean blue and sandy tan as well as additional color options to coordinate with your backyard decor, this outdoor TV cover blends right in. Disguising your high priced purchase makes it less tempting for sticky fingered passersby too. The vinyl water resistant material also wipes clean easily.

     Go On, Get Rough! Rugged Construction Withstands Use

    Don’t worry about normal wear and tear damaging the durable cover. Sewn with rugged double stitched seams, the fabric consists of thick 18 ounce vinyl laminated polyester that holds up year after year. The cover remains flexible even in frigid conditions down to -40°F so extreme temperatures won’t make it brittle and prone to cracking either. 

      Hassle-Free outdoor tv cover Installation Protects in Minutes

    Slipping the tailored cover over your outdoor television couldn’t get simpler thanks to its fuss-free design. Just align the base and gently pull into place for a custom-like fit. Four convenient side release buckles keep everything securely fastened no matter how hard the wind gusts. Whenever you’re ready to watch simply detach and you’re set.

    Defend Your patio Flat Screen Investment with a outdoor tv cover Starting at $19.99

    Don’t spend hundreds prematurely replacing weather-damaged patio televisions when one smart buy guards your existing investment season after season. ACPCovers custom fitted outdoor TV cover offers the ultimate line of defense, keeping displays functional through rain, sun, sleet and snow slides all for under $20. Add hassle-free installation and the ability to color coordinate with exterior accents makes choosing this small price to pay a no-brainer.

    Keep the party rolling and the big game viewings lively year after year with ACPCovers protection keeping your backyard entertainment protected. Guard your pricey open air television against the elements and budget only $19.99 – order today!


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