EducationCareer Interest Inventory for Students: The 7 P's That Influence Career Choices

Career Interest Inventory for Students: The 7 P’s That Influence Career Choices

Career planning doesn’t conclude with choosing the right university or college; it persists beyond the initial decision and continues until we secure the right job and achieve a fulfilling work profile. But, how does one choose a career path? What are the major parameters that affect the career decision? Here in this guide, we will discuss the factors that practically affect the career choices of students and how career interest inventory for students can help:


Most of the time, students make a career decision to fulfill the expectations of their parents. Most students are pre-fed about the career choices they need to make in the future, and as a result, the students end up making career choices according to the wishes of their parents and guardians. While not every such decision goes wrong, many students regret at a later stage for not valuing their opinion while choosing a career and being simply swayed away by their parents’ decisions. Individuals who resist often succumb to parental pressure, resulting in an unsuccessful career trajectory and unfruitful results.

Peer Influence

Following peer’s and friends’ paths is a very common mistake that an individual makes while choosing a career path. Peers can easily deviate from one’s mind and refrain from making self-career decisions. Many students are often seen taking a career path that everyone else is taking and the word ‘majority’ stands to be a primary deciding factor in such cases.

But, is that career really a right fit for you? Do you find any interest in that career? Have you ever taken a career assessment test to find out if it suits you? No, right? That’s precisely where the role of career interest inventory for students comes in and helps them take various tests that can help them choose the right career of their choice.

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Past Performance

This is one of the most unfair and distorted approaches that involves the old-school methods of calculating numbers to assess one’s performance and areas of interest. Many students are judged not based on their caliber but on their scorecards and numbers attained. Such a practice of making career decisions solely based on a single exam performance has often led students to make erroneous career decisions.


Utilizing a student’s potential as a criterion is a valid approach to selecting a career path. However, only a handful are able to identify their hidden potential and accordingly choose a subject in line with their ability. Opting for a career that complements one’s potential holds a greater promise of success rate.


Placements are a common scenario in colleges and universities wherein companies, small and big, interview students to give them employment opportunities. It is an important factor that gives the students a career choice while they are in their final year of studies. However, coming across good companies can help the students get good career growth in their life.

Personality Driven

A majority of individuals make their career choices based on their personality and character traits. Conversely, a career may also fetch individuals guided by their personality. By saying personality, we do not just mean the external appearance and presentation but also their perception of society. Individuals with proficient language skills are more likely to gravitate toward making a career choice in mass communication. Similarly, individuals with leadership qualities who are capable of influencing a broad audience are more prone to pick up a field in management. Thus, personality traits are also one of the driving factors that aid in picking a career path.

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Personal Finance

Money is also one of the significant factors that can affect the choice of a career path by the students. The capacity to dream is often intertwined with affordability because there are many career paths and professional courses that cannot be afforded by every sector of society. As a consequence, many students compromise their passions and instead choose career interests that are financially feasible.


So, the above Ps, good or bad, are the major factors that affect the career interests of a student. However, not every student can make the right choices and often ends up making the right one. Thus, choosing a skilled associate can help you navigate through the extensive array of career options. IYS Skills Tech is one such name that offers such guidance, and by using distinct career inventory methods, they help students make informed choices, establishing a sturdy foundation for both career success and job satisfaction.

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