Beyond Checks: Exploring Additional Services Offered by Check Mailing Companies

    In the world of transactions check mailing companies have long been known for their function of printing and delivering checks, for their customers. Yet as technology advances and business needs evolve these companies are expanding their service offerings beyond mailing checks. This piece examines the services offered by check mailing companies and the benefits they bring to businesses.

    Introduction to Check Mailing Companies

    Check mailing companies such as ZilMoney, Checkeeper and Checkrun are service providers specializing in the printing and mailing of checks. Businesses frequently employ these services to streamline their payment procedures and reduce burdens.

    Conventional Check Mailing Services

    Process of Sending Checks: The process of check mailing typically involves the stages;

    Receiving payment instructions from the client.

    Generating checks based on data provided by the client.

    Printing the checks.

    Packing and attaching postage.

    Sending out the checks to recipients.

    Pros and Cons of Conventional Check Mailing Services

    Traditional check mailing services offer convenience and efficiency. They also have drawbacks, like delays, in delivery and security risks linked to paper checks.

    Beyond Checks: Diversification of Services

    Many companies that used to focus on mailing checks have now diversified their services to meet the evolving needs of the market. Here are some of the services they now offer;

    1. Electronic Payment Services

    Some companies now provide payment services allowing businesses to electronically send payments using methods, like ACH (Automated Clearing House) or other electronic transfer options.

    1. Document Printing and Mailing

    Apart from handling checks these companies also offer document printing and mailing services helping businesses with tasks such as printing and distributing invoices statements and other important documents.

    1. Bill Presentment and Payment

    Certain companies offer solutions for bill presentation and payment processes enabling businesses to bill and accept payments through various channels like credit/debit cards or electronic funds transfer.

    Benefits of these Additional Services:

    Convenience: By offering a range of services these companies serve as a one stop solution for businesses payment processing and document distribution needs, which saves time and resources.

    Cost Savings: The adoption of payment and document management solutions can lead to cost savings for businesses by reducing paper consumption, postage costs and manual errors in processing.

    Security and Regulatory Compliance: With security measures and adherence, to compliance standards companies that handle check mailing ensure the privacy and trustworthiness of financial information. This helps businesses reduce the chances of fraud and non compliance with regulations.

    Choosing the Best Check Mailing Service

    When businesses are deciding on a check mailing service provider they should take into account the following aspects;

    Understanding Requirements: Determine the needs of your organization, such as volume, frequency and types of payments to identify which services are crucial for your day to day operations.

    Range of Services: Check mailing companies trusted by millions of users provide a range of services other than just check printing and mailing. For example, ZilMoney offers, Check printing, Pay by card, ACH payments, Payment links, Bill payments, Digital checks and wire transfers. This wide range of services are suitable for businesses of all sorts looking for different payment options for their financial management. Evaluate how well they meet your business goals and requirements.

    Reputation and Dependability: Research the reputation and performance history of each check mailing company you are considering. Seek feedback from clients reviews, industry certifications and accreditations to make a decision.

    These companies go beyond mailing checks to provide advantages to their customers, such, as improved convenience, cost savings and compliance with regulations. When businesses choose a check mailing service provider they should focus on those that offer a variety of services customized to their requirements and show they are dependable and prioritize security.


    1. Can check mailing companies handle large volumes of payments?

    Yes, many check mailing companies have the capacity to process and mail large volumes of payments efficiently.

    1. Are electronic payment services offered by check mailing companies secure?

    Yes, check mailing companies implement robust security measures to protect electronic payment transactions and sensitive financial data.

    1. How can companies gain from outsourcing the printing and mailing of documents?

    By using check mailing services businesses can save time and resources by avoiding the requirement for printing and mailing facilities.

    1. What aspects should companies take into account when assessing check mailing services? 

    When selecting a check mailing service businesses should consider factors, like the range of services offered, reputation, dependability, security and adherence to regulations.

    1. Can check mailing companies integrate with existing accounting software and systems?

    Yes, many check mailing companies offer integration options to streamline payment processing and reconciliation with existing accounting software and systems.


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