Best Dual Fuel Energy Supplier in the UK

Best Dual Fuel Energy Supplier in the UK

Dual fuel energy deals, which bundle together gas and electricity from the same provider, have become highly popular in the UK over the last decade. With the retail energy market filled with dozens of suppliers vying for household customers, identifying the best value dual fuel tariff can seem daunting. This articlebased on research on Switch Squid provides an in-depth comparison of leading contenders – British Gas, EDF Energy, Octopus Energy and Utility Saving Expert – analyzing factors like pricing, service quality, renewables content and more.

Comparing Dual Fuel Pricing

For most households, securing the lowest dual fuel rate is the top priority when selecting a provider. Price comparison sites like Uswitch and EnergyHelpline have made evaluating costs across suppliers simple by listing current dual fuel prices from all major players in one place.

Right now, smaller challenger suppliers like Octopus Energy and Utility Saving Expert offer some of the most competitively priced dual fuel deals, with average yearly bills of £1,340 and £1,378 respectively for medium usage households. In contrast, legacy big six suppliers tend to be pricier, with British Gas’ standard dual fuel tariff costing approximately £1,500 per annum and EDF Energy’s totalling £1,600 annually. However, both run periodic promotions and loyalty discounts that can match cheaper competitors.

Assessing Customer Service Quality

Besides pricing, the level of customer service and support each supplier provides is a key consideration for UK households switching providers. Based on consumer surveys, reviews and feedback, smaller suppliers like Octopus and Utility Saving Expert generally deliver superior personalised support, quicker complaint resolution and a smoother customer experience.

Octopus’ use of smart apps and tools enhances convenience for tech-savvy consumers. Larger legacy suppliers like British Gas and EDF Energy have mixed reviews when it comes to customer service – call wait times can be longer and communications less personalised. However, their scale allows greater investment in technology to modernise service standards.

Evaluating Renewable Energy Mix

For the growing numbers of eco-conscious consumers, the renewable energy credentials of dual fuel suppliers also impacts decision making. Octopus Energy sources 100% renewable electricity for all standard dual fuel deals. Similarly, Utility Saving Expert offers fully renewable electricity and carbon-neutral gas options. EDF Energy provides a 100% renewable electricity tariff, but its regular gas remains fossil fuel-based. British Gas has invested heavily in wind power but its normal dual fuel products also incorporate natural gas.

Key Supplier Considerations

When weighing up the array of dual fuel providers, households should consider several key factors:

– Pricing: cheaper tariffs can save hundreds of pounds annually.

– Contract flexibility: will early exit fees apply if switching?

– Customer service: quick, personalised support is essential.

– Tech capabilities: apps and online accounts add convenience.

– Renewables content: greener energy aligns with climate targets.

Choosing the Right Supplier

With dozens of dual fuel suppliers on the market, leveraging comparison websites makes quickly identifying the best match for your household in terms of pricing, service and sustainability straightforward. Being clear on your priorities before comparing deals allows you to zero in on the supplier that ticks your boxes.

Switching Suppliers Regularly

As the retail energy landscape evolves, the choice and quality of dual fuel tariffs will continue improving across the industry. This makes regularly comparing deals and switching providers when better offers arise worthwhile to take advantage of competitor pricing and incentives.


In summary, innovative suppliers like Octopus Energy and Utility Saving Expert currently lead in competitive pricing, superior service and green credentials compared to big six legacy providers like British Gas and EDF Energy. With the right research and priorities, UK households can easily locate a stellar dual fuel deal that aligns with their needs and budget.