Best Destinations to Visit in March for a Sunny Holiday

Best Destinations to Visit in March for a Sunny Holiday

Who wouldn’t want to get some of that spring sun after chilly winter days and before the too-hot summer days? March is the first month of spring and promises hope, warmth, and happiness. The spell of snow finally breaks down. This enables you to think about escaping to a beachy destination to get some sun after you shed your heavy clothing. So, if you are planning a spring escape, we are here with the best destinations to visit in March for a sunny holiday.

You might even get melting snow at some destinations because of the extended sun hours. It is also the shoulder season for skiing and snowboarding, so you can plan budget-friendly holidays at destinations that offer these winter sports. But if you want to lay on the beach and soak up the sun, you must plan your March holidays from UK to one of the beach destinations. Let’s discuss some of the best destinations for a sunny March holiday.

Perfect Sunny Destinations to Visit in March

1.   The Maldives

Maldives is the ultimate beach paradise and luxurious honeymoon destination. This island country is known for its scenic beauty and luxury resorts. March is warm in the Maldives, and you get enough sun to have your dreamy beach days. The warm ocean invites adventurous water sports or a calming swim amidst the sparkling blue waters.

Moreover, March is a great month to visit Maldives if you want to spot the famous manta rays and sharks the islands are known for. You get relaxation and adventure all-in-one during your holidays in this region. Also, honeymooners and couples love the Maldives because of its romantic vibes and luxury resorts. Some adult-only islands in the country intrigue the couples.

2.   Windward Islands, Caribbean

Who doesn’t dream of having the perfect island-hopping experience at Windward Island? If you have always desired the Caribbean island hopping holidays, this March might be the ideal time to plan your Caribbean holidays. March is the driest time to visit the Windward Islands and it will enable you to make the most of your beachy holidays.

From picture-perfect St. Lucia and the highly anticipated Barbados to naturally blessed Dominica, you can take short-haul flights from one paradise-like island to another. Every island will offer you the most glorious beaches and diverse landscapes. These islands are also celebrity favourites. You might find your favourite celebrity hanging around one of these beaches.

3.    The Philippines

The Philippines is another paradise-like beach destination that is quite famous among budget travellers. You will find many deserted islands, coral reefs, and winding rice terraces in the regions. Moreover, the sun is also quite bearable during March, giving you the perfect sunny escape during spring. The jaw-dropping beaches of the country will leave you in awe and enable you to have an unforgettable time. For photography enthusiasts, the Philippines offers a captivating canvas with its vibrant landscapes and picturesque coastal scenes, making it a dream destination for capturing stunning moments. Additionally, immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the country, exploring ancient buildings, museums, forts, mansions, centuries-old churches, and other remarkable photography places that will truly enhance your travel experience. The Philippines should be your go-to destination this March if you seek a perfect blend of nature, culture, and history.

4.   Canary Islands, Spain

Like the other small islands off the coast of North Africa, the Canary Islands, Spain, are unmatched in their natural beauty, featuring volcanoes and beaches. Moreover, you get hot weather in the region during March, with enough sun to make your sunny escape memorable. One of the most significant advantages of visiting the islands this month is that you will not face the peak season crowds.

These islands are known for their exceptional surf scenes, Renaissance palaces, and sleeping volcanic craters. With every island you visit, you will see something new that intrigues you, whether you are exploring Tenerife or Lanzarote.

5.   Dubai

Do you want beaches, modern buildings, and advanced technology in a single destination? If so, which destination will be better than Dubai, the ever-advancing city in the UAE? You will indulge in an adventurous desert safari and lie at one of the region’s famous beaches. Moreover, countless luxurious malls, five-star hotels and restaurants give you the ultimate insight into Dubai’s luxurious life.

Also, it is not too hot in Dubai during March, which gives you the perfect sunny retreat. So, if you want to book a holiday online to this glorious destination, don’t waste more time and get the holiday packages now.

Summing Up

March is perfect for planning a relaxing retreat, especially if you want to bask in that spring sun. Many beach and non-beach destinations worldwide have ideal weather during March because it is the first month of spring. We have listed some of the best destinations to visit in March for a sunny holiday for you to take inspiration for. You can also browse other options and see which suits you best.