Sports GamingA Tour of The Most Famous and Glamorous Casinos in The World

A Tour of The Most Famous and Glamorous Casinos in The World

Casinos are one of the world’s most glamorous and exciting places, with their bright lights, noisy slots, and tables full of players eager to win. From the famous Monte Carlo Casino to the booming Las Vegas Strip, many casinos worldwide offer their visitors an unforgettable experience. 

  1. Baden-Baden Casino

We travel to Germany to tell you about the Baden-Baden Casino, located inside the Kurhaus Palace (built by Friedrich Weinbrenner in the early 19th century). It is an exclusive and dazzling construction on the outside, emulating typically French palaces.

However, it is on the inside that one can be dazzled by its inordinate luxuries, and that may be why it is awarded the title of “the most beautiful casino in the world. 

  1. Bellagio Casino (Las Vegas)

The Bellagio Casino, which enjoys international prestige, could not be in any other city than Las Vegas. It is part of the hotel that bears the same name (since it was inspired by the Italian city on Lake Como’s shores).

A glamorous tourist complex that, since its inauguration in 1998, does not cease to dazzle all its visitors, especially for the free show offered by its fountains, choreographed to the rhythm of spectacular lights and music. Inside, it houses many other entertainments, such as a spa, botanical gardens, a beauty salon, and a long, etc. Ah! And if you are familiar with it, perhaps it is because of its appearance in the movie Ocean’s Eleven (2011).

  1. Monte Carlo Casino (Monaco)

The third of the casinos we discover in this article is located in Monaco and can boast of having become the setting for several films (as is the case of the legendary James Bond saga). These events are of maximum luxury, so you may have seen them before but not remember. In addition, it was built by Charles Garnier, the architect responsible for the Paris Opera.

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Inside this casino, we can find gambling facilities with sexy slots, several lounges, and even a theater where opera and ballet performances are held. You will be surprised to know that the inhabitants of Monaco are forbidden to enter: it is only for foreigners!

  1. Venetian Casino (Macao)

Another place with an enormous concentration of casinos is Macao. In this autonomous region of China, gamblers from that nation crowd together. In China, casino games are forbidden – says Vitaliy Klymenko, Editor In Chief in Slotamia – but it is possible to gamble in Macao because it is a special region. Players can enjoy the glamorous atmosphere of the Casino Lisboa or the Grand Lisboa. 

Inside (consisting of 40 floors), you can find over 3,000 electronic machines, over 800 gaming tables, more than 24 bars, and 3,000 hotel rooms dedicated to satisfying the players’ needs.

Unsurprisingly, it is located in China since Macau is the Eastern capital of gambling, like the Asian version of Las Vegas. It is the corrected and enlarged design of another casino in America.


We hope you have found it interesting to learn about these impressive casinos that tempt their players to feel the most exciting adrenaline day after day. As always, we invite you to leave us your impressions in a comment. What do you think about these facilities? Do you enjoy gambling? Which one would you move to right now if you could? We are looking forward to hearing your opinion! 

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