AutomotiveA Great E-Bike In A Small Package

A Great E-Bike In A Small Package

Our garage, consistently brimming with various items, posed a challenge as I often found myself testing and storing electric bikes for review. This became an issue, especially for my wife, who shares the space with her car. Intrigued by the prospect of space-saving solutions, I decided to explore the Vetanya Pika Folding Ebike to assess its true compactness.

Given the upcoming trend of e-bike companies introducing folding bikes, I was eager to see if this innovation would live up to the hype, possibly becoming a sought-after item, especially around the holidays. 

Having had a less-than-impressive experience with a folding cargo bike in the past, characterized by clunkiness and difficulty in folding, I was hopeful that the Pika would be a game-changer. Notably, its manufacturer, with a solid track record in the ebike industry, instilled confidence. The specifications were impressive, aligning more with a dynamic model. Features included front suspension, an integrated rear rack, robust tires suitable for varied terrains, a 48V 20Ah battery, hydraulic disk brakes with a motor cut-off, a 48V 750W sustained motor, and a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain. The bike’s initial impression also stood out, as the packaging was notably more compact than traditional ebike containers.

The assembly process proved a bit more involved than expected, a situation easily remedied with closer attention to the clear and illustrated instructions. Following about 30 minutes of assembly, it was time to inflate the tires and take it for a spin. The adjustable seat accommodated my preferred height seamlessly, and at no point did it feel like a mere toy. It exuded the essence of a legitimate, lively, and powerful ebike that happened to be portable through its innovative folding mechanism. The folding latch in the mid-torso area worked smoothly, making it remarkably easy to collapse for storage after each use. The thought of stowing it in the back of an SUV for countryside rides, camping, or other outings crossed my mind.

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Equipped with the standard five pedal-assist levels and a throttle, the Pika starts as a Class 2 bike but can be converted to a Class 3 through the menu. Despite predominantly using maximum pedal assist, which naturally affects battery life, I achieved around 75 miles per charge. The ride, acceleration, and braking were exceptionally smooth, and it effortlessly handled inclines with a zippy flair. Moreover, its sleek and attractive design garnered attention, with onlookers inquiring about its features. The Pika( is available for $1,799 with a 20Ah battery.

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