5 Small Business Departments You Need to Be Successful

5 Small Business Departments You Need to Be Successful

Many people may not think of having several employees when thinking of small businesses. The problem is that you can only grow so much if you’re the only person working. That’s why it’s no surprise that the average small business has 11.7 employees.

But you don’t want to hire employees that have multiple roles. You need specialized talent in individual small business departments. Here are five of the most important departments to create in your business.

1. Accounting

Your accounting department will be one of the most essential first departments you set up. It will influence every part of your business, from payroll and bookkeeping to financial projections.

You don’t want to handle payroll processing and bookkeeping yourself since it takes too much time. An accounting team can remove much of that work from your shoulders and allow you to focus on business-related tasks.

2. Sales

It doesn’t matter if you run a consumer brand or a B2B company. A sales team can drive a lot more growth to your business than if you worked without one.

Sales teams talk to potential clients, establish wholesaling relationships, and more. They will work on your behalf to land the big deals that bring your business much more revenue.

3. Marketing

Your marketing team will be the team that sets up the first contact for many people finding your brand for the first time. They work on the initial marketing materials to get your company noticed on social media, search engines, and other places.

A marketing department will also watch what’s happening in the market. They’ll help you define your target customers, what they want in products, and if your current offering fits the market.

4. IT

Running a business today without technology is challenging. You don’t have the same tools your competitors have, so you handle work manually and won’t be as productive during the day.

You can set up some basic systems on your own, but an IT department will help you apply your setup throughout your organization. Every team member will be able to access the data they need, automate redundant tasks, and stay protected against potential cyber threats.

5. Customer Service

Things won’t always go smoothly in business. You may sell defective products, have features missing customers want, or have shipping issues. You don’t want to handle these problems yourself or turn them over to accounting, IT, and other departments.

Your customer service teams take responsibility for taking care of customers. They will listen to customer issues, resolve them, and ensure your brand maintains an excellent reputation.

Form These Small Business Departments

Running a small one-person company is fine initially, as you’re just getting going. But as you grow, you’ll find the work you must do scales as well, requiring you to hire employees to handle some of the load.

If you want to get the most done, you need small business departments in your organization to handle different tasks. Make sure to hire for the above roles to streamline your business.

Once you have business departments to handle more of your work, you can continue building and optimizing your business strategy. Check out our other blog posts to learn more business tips that will help your company grow.