5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Paul Gauguin Cruise

5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Paul Gauguin Cruise

As the allure of luxury escapes gains renewed momentum, worldly travelers seek transportive experiences marrying comfort with culture. For those captivated by the mystic call of sapphire South Pacific waters and Polynesian paradises, Paul Gauguin Cruises presents an enticing opportunity to sail steeped in boutique romance and local authenticity. 

By exclusively focusing on the enigmatic South Pacific, Paul Gauguin Cruises distinguishes itself by venturing beyond crowded mainstream routes into realms epitomizing tropical ideals of unspoiled natural beauty and islands lost in time. This article focuses on five reasons to fall in love with Paul Gauguin Cruise.

1. Quintessential Small Ship Luxury

In this age of mega cruise liners ferrying thousands at once, Paul Gauguin Cruises returns to bygone notions of intimate maritime travel, allowing meaningful moments with just 300 or so fellow voyagers. Their sleek MV Paul Gauguin vessel also spearheaded the now prevalent veranda-for-all concept, ensuring every stateroom unfolded onto private open-air lounges with soothing sea views. 

Dining diverges from regimented traditional seatings through more flexible arrangements across sumptuous venues like the trademark Polynesian-fusion Le Grill Doris, Tuscan specialty La Veranda, or the al fresco Pool Grill for catching swaying sunsets. 

Every meal interweaves culinary sophistication with regional essence, from Tahitian vanilla to Hawaiian coffee rubs, avoiding homogenized international dishes. Coupled with Polynesian-inspired décor and an exceptional guest-to-staff ratio, the atmosphere conveys intimate resort-style cruising far from cattle-class realities.

Despite the boutique scale and inclusive luxury standards onboard, Paul Gauguin cruise prices remain relatively affordable compared to similar high-end small ship lines. 7- to 15-night South Pacific itineraries start from just $3,530 per guest. This accessibility helps balance luxury expectations against value perceptions, attracting veteran cruisers and newcomers to this realm of exploration in style.

2. Compelling Itinerary Diversity

Rather than exhaustive schedules cramming in port calls, PGC’s nuanced programs allow extended stays and overnights. This facilitates everything from visiting lesser-known Marquesas Islands to admiring dolphins off Moore’s coastline without perpetual check-the-box FOMO. 

Varied 7-14 night loop itineraries avoid pilot house fatigue, combining must-see hotspots like magical Bora Bora with revelations like the raw landscapes of Fakarava Atoll. Whether combing lagoons by paddleboard or mingling with locals at a Heiva festival, enough time nourishes immersion into Polynesian lore and leisure at one’s own pace. The valued option of pre/post hotel packages eases transitions in gateway cities like Papeete.

3. Insider Access Excursions  

What sets Paul Gauguin Cruises apart becomes apparent in ports, where exclusive partnerships facilitate cultural connections unmatched for access depth. PGC developed a private island beach retreat on Motu Mahana by Taha’a for exclusive passenger use. Guides impart insider perspectives while tours cap sizes under 20 people, allowing personalized adventures from stargazing with astronomers to private dinners in island family homes.

Having pioneered luxury South Pacific voyages since 1998, the established rapport with local tribes, conservationists, and hospitality outfits culminates in behind-the-scenes enrichment. Whether learning fruit carving from Bora Borka artisans or discovering Mo’orea’s verdant interior from 4×4 jeeps, PGC guests cherish rare encounters amplified by authentic hospitality and storytelling.

4. Indulgent Onboard Amenities 

While South Sea panoramas mesmerize, from sunrise yoga to balcony stargazing at night, Paul Gauguin Cruises complements natural beauty with plenty of contemporary luxuries. Pamper at the Deep Nature Spa with Polynesian massage incorporating monoi oils and black sand poultices while soaking up sea breezes. 

Stay connected anywhere with premium Internet packages or wander three spacious lounges adorned with local art and cultural ambiance. Outdoors, the main pool overlooks waves, while the adults-only area behind La Veranda dining includes a dipping pool, jacuzzi, and mixology classes at the self-service champagne bar. 

Whether championship-caliber golf simulations, guest experts sharing navigational insights, or lively educational sessions about marine preservation efforts, ample onboard enrichment ensures fully engaged minds.

5. Responsible Travel Focus 

Today’s values-driven travelers appreciate PGC’s philosophy of celebrating the wondrous South Pacific not through “drop-in-a-port” consumerism but through guardianship and sustainability principles nurturing destinations enjoyed for generations. From youth educational services like Ambassador of the Environment to visits at critical sea turtle restoration centers or keeping groups petite to minimize footprints, PGC embraces ecotourism efforts benefitting fragile island ecosystems and communities. 

Staff continuity averaging over eight years also forges deeper communal bonds through repeating journeys by any sustainable benchmark – local sourcing, fuel efficiency, recycling programs, giving back initiatives – Paul Gauguin Cruises rates as a luxury leader prioritizing regional welfare beyond profits. With the South Pacific’s fragile future relying on vigilant stewardship, PGC’s role in safeguarding treasured Polynesian island cultures shapes an exemplary model for conscientious cruising everywhere.

Final Thoughts

In many ways, Paul Gauguin Cruises summons the essence of why we voyage – not necessarily to rush through bucket lists burdened by ambitious pace and packed agendas, but to wander unscripted into the nuanced heart of a region through respectful exchange and wonder shared across borders physical and cultural. 

By lingering longer connected by water and humanity amidst the mysterious South Pacific, PGC sailing allows that coveted sweet spot, synthesizing creature comforts with off-grid enchantment. 

Under swirling stars and sea spray, one rediscovers the magnetic pull of the horizon, understands why legends took to outriggers navigating between these dots of green sanctuaries, and how privileged we remain to carry on that legacy of discovery with sustainable grace. After tasting paradise with Paul Gauguin Cruises, prepare to leave both restored and transformed.