5 Essential Features to Check When Choosing a Workforce Management Tool

    Have you ever wondered if your employees report to work on time and leave at the right time? You should if not, because time is essential in modern business operations. And to help you is a workforce management tool like a time attendance system. It is worth noting that you must choose the right one for efficiency. Unfortunately, the market is awash with these workforce management tools. Here are the features you should check for when selecting the best workforce management tool.

    1.      Time and Attendance Monitoring

    Start by checking the time and attendance monitoring feature, which tracks clock-ins and clock-outs in real time. This will help you track your employees working hours. It’d be best to choose a system that offers various clock-in methods, such as biometric authentication or badge scanning. With this, you can gain valuable insights into crucial aspects such as absenteeism and workload distribution. As a result, you will protect your employees from burnout and address any related concerns. Getting a workforce management system with this feature also strengthens compliance with labor laws.

    2.      At-a-Glance In and Out Time Board

    A concise overview of employees’ clock-in and clock-out is also crucial besides the feature above. For this reason, you should check if the system comes with an at-a-glance in and out time board. This feature will give you an easy-to-interpret visual representation that tells who is currently clocked in and who isn’t. It is crucial in large organizations as it streamlines the process of identifying those in, absent, or late.

    3.      Editing Functionality

    Humans are prone to errors, hence the need for checking editing functionality. This feature will allow you or authorized parties to rectify errors such as failure to clock in or out. In addition, it will help you change shifts, key in overtime, and fill out leave requests. This flexibility is crucial because of unforeseen circumstances that might befall your employees. You can tell if a workforce management tool has this feature by doing the following:

    • Checking vendor information
    • Ask the vendor
    • Exploring a trial version
    • Check reviews and testimonials

    4.      Geofencing

    Since some employees might be tempted to trick the system, you should check if the tool you intend to buy has a geofencing feature. This refers to location-based features that define zones or virtual borders around a specific place. In this case, you will geofence your business premise. Getting a workforce management tool with this feature comes in handy when you want to pinpoint your employees’ locations by verifying their presence in designated work areas during clock-ins and outs. Suppose you work remotely; geofencing will help confirm your employee’s presence in the right location.

    5.      Payroll Reporting

    It’d be best to check if a workforce management tool like a time attendance systemhas a payroll reporting feature. This is because the feature will help you identify where your business is spending more, such as overtime. It can also help identify errors in hours reported or those unpaid. As a result, you will control spending and can enhance employee retention thanks to accurate payroll and consequent satisfaction. It also contributes to compliance.

    Your business paying for hours not worked is a surefire way to fail. Therefore, you must get a workforce management tool that can help you curb such errors. Getting the best ones calls for checking the features you have read in this article.


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