General3 ways to download X (Twitter) videos on mobile and PC.

3 ways to download X (Twitter) videos on mobile and PC.

Hey friends!
Sure thing! Have you ever encountered a really funny or intriguing video on Twitter that you wished to save for later? Since Twitter doesn’t offer a direct download option for videos, I can guide you through several simple ways to grab those Twitter videos and save them on your computer for offline enjoyment or sharing!

The first way is using the website XXvideodownloader.

Here’s how:
Sure, access Twitter on your computer and locate the tweet containing the video you’d like to download. Click on the date of that specific tweet to view it on a separate page. Then copy the URL from the address bar. Go to and paste that URL into the text box.Hit the “Download” button. You’ll see some options for different video quality. Choose the video resolution you prefer based on if you want higher or lower quality. Higher quality means a larger file size. Your video will start downloading! Once it finishes, right click on it and choose “Save video as” to save it to your computer.

The second way is using the Telegram app:

Download Telegram on your phone if you don’t already have it. It’s free! Search for the “Twitter Video Downloader” bot and select it to add it to your Telegram contacts. Go back to Twitter and copy the link to the tweet with the video you want. In Telegram, paste that link in a message to the (Twitter) X Video Downloader bot. The bot will fetch the video file! Tap to download it right on your phone. Open your phone’s files/downloads folder and copy the video to your computer.

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Use Extension on Chrome:

Finally, if you use Chrome, try this method:

Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for “Video Downloader Professional” extension. Install it.
When you open a video on Twitter, you’ll see a notification from the extension.
Click on it and you can pick different video quality options to download.
Select a file size and the video will automatically be downloaded by the extension!

There you have 3 easy ways to get those (Twitter) X videos onto your computer for when you want to watch them offline. Never miss out on the viral hilarity again! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy downloading 🙂

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