10 Tips for Mastering Your Axe Throwing Technique

    The throwing of cold weapons has a long history associated with military skills and hunting. Today it is considered a sport and entertainment. If you master the technique and develop skills, you can have a significant advantage over your opponents, which is important in competitions. Weapon throwing has other positive aspects. It allows you to:

    • skillfully hit the target;
    • improve coordination and agility;
    • acquire survival skills that come in handy on camping trips;
    • focus on the task at hand and increase stress tolerance;
    • enjoy the learning process.

    We have selected tips to help you learn axe throwing faster. Follow step by step to achieve your goal.

    1. Don’t Squeeze The Axe

    A cold weapon should be held lightly and effortlessly. Holding the handle too tightly in your fist will reduce the possibility of hitting the target. All other efforts will be in vain. Give it enough time.

    2. Don’t “Choke Up”

    Hold the tool firmly by the handle in the middle. Do not grasp it too close to the blade or end to avoid injury. Proper grip will allow better control of the throw and feel of the implement.

    3. Step With Your Non-Dominant Foot

    It is very easy to determine which leg is dominant. It is not always right-handed people’s right leg and left-handed people’s left leg. You need to stand up straight, close your eyes and remember which foot is the first one you put on a bicycle, which one you push off on a scooter and which one you put on a skateboard – it is the dominant one.

    Put it backwards, not dominant forward. Determine a clear point of support. This position will create a better balance during the throw, as well as control the flight.

    4. Check Your Release Point

    During the swing, the weapon must be released at a certain moment in order to hit the target. To do this, you need to correctly assess and control the throw. A wrongly chosen moment will negatively affect the result, so be careful. Practice and feel this stage.

    5. Lock Down Your Wrist

    The moment you release the weapon, you need to stabilize it. This will allow it to fly exactly in the direction of the target. This can be done if the wrist is stable. It should not bend or move during the throwing process. For this purpose, it is better to lock it in a stable position.

    6. Check Your Rotations

    At this stage rotation is important. Usually its amount is set by the rules of the competition or depends on the thrower’s desire. The accuracy of the throw depends on it. It is important to make sure that the axe makes the right number of rotations around its axis in the air, as its landing depends on it. It can fall too far or too close to the target, but the main thing is to hit it.

    7. Where’s Your Pullback?

    Before throwing the tool, you should pull it down and back. This will create energy and control the force of the throw. During this movement, you need to control where the tool is in order to direct it correctly. Repeat this movement several times to consolidate the result.

    8. There’s No Snap

    When throwing the weapon, a short and quick jerk should be made to add force and power. If the jerk is insufficient or absent, it will affect the range, accuracy and effectiveness of the throw. At this stage, it is important to have good coordination and control of the movement so that the impact is focused.

    9. Stay Stocked Up On Food

    Learning the technique of throwing edged weapons is a long process that requires time and a private place. The productivity of learning is directly related to the mastery of body coordination, patience and skills. During the learning process, it is important to take a break and have something tasty to eat. Having a snack will allow you to practice longer and more productively.

    10. Practice Makes Perfect

    The effectiveness of throwing technique depends on the regularity of training. It is important to make systematic training to develop the skill and in the future to achieve perfection in this case.

    Using our simple tips, you can easily learn to throw an axe and surprise your friends with a new skill. Remember, nothing is given so easily in this life, it is important to make an effort and diligence in any case, then everything will work out. It is enough to take the time to study the tips once and understand the technique in detail, so that you can use it constantly and improve your skills.


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