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Why Your Business Needs Commercial Data Destruction Services

Over the years, your business will inevitably accumulate a considerable amount of sensitive data. You only kept it for reference because it likely contains information you need or once needed. But how useful is it today?

Realistically you’re unlikely to ever access any of this old data again, though its very existence poses a threat, as it can potentially provide key information to bad actors looking to scam you. Read on to see all the reasons why your business should hire professional commercial destruction services today.

Identity Fraud Only Requires Innocuous Information

You may sit there thinking that you can’t be done in by fraudsters because, having done nothing illegal, you have nothing to hide. But identity fraud can still be perpetrated against you or your company, even if the scammers only have access to a few pieces of basic information.

The only way to be sure that your sensitive data poses absolutely no threat is to safely dispose of it. For this, you must engage commercial data destruction services so you know your own data can’t be used against you. Commercial data destruction goes beyond paper. It renders e-data unrecoverable, so no matter what form your sensitive data takes, it will be absolutely destroyed.

Get the Hollywood images of frantic shredding before the authorities break down the doors out of your mind: in real life, there is way less theatrics involved. Just call the professionals.

Easy to Get Rid of it All

All electronic data is a liability – old hardware and devices house sensitive company data you don’t want in public. Commercial data destruction services can destroy all of it, easily.

Seeing the wide range of places where data can be stored may help you appreciate just how much sensitive data is potentially floating around. A list of devices professional destruction services can handle includes: hard drives; flash drives and USBs; back-up tapes and drives; laptops and tablets; cell phones; photo copier and printer memory cards; data tapes.

Once everything has been totally destroyed, industry leaders like Absolute Destruction issue a certificate of destruction, so you can have peace of mind that there is no longer any threat to your company. Just call them, and it’ll be done before you know it.

Shredding Services at Home

Some people have home offices, where paper is stored up and accumulates. While the high-profile data breaches usually involve famous companies, actually, small businesses get targeted often too.

You can either bring all the paper data you have to the company’s facility, or they can come to you. Some services have a mobile truck, so they can safely dispose of all your sensitive data right from your driveway. You can hire them for a one-time service, or schedule a monthly appointment. Whatever is most convenient for you.

Taking the right precautions with your company’s sensitive data is part of your due diligence. And in this day and age, you can’t be too careful. Hire the professionals, and get peace of mind today.   

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