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Why You Need Cleaning Business Insurance

Did you know that there are over 1 million janitorial services businesses in the USA in 2020? Every industrial workplace needs to employ regular cleaning services. This is to ensure suitable working conditions for their employees.

This is especially true following the COVID-19 pandemic. Clean air and surfaces will be a greater priority than before.

However, the cleaning industry is not without its dangers. Night shifts, harsh chemicals, and heavy machinery can lead to injury. It is important that businesses have comprehensive cleaning business insurance to protect themselves.

How can this help? Why not read on to find out.

Office Cleaning Insurance

Insurance is especially important for those that are working in office or commercial properties. Not only is the cleaning work potentially hazardous, but the environment can also be a source of danger and litigation.

The cleaners will be working near computers, printers, cabling, and possibly server rooms. These are potentially fragile and certainly expensive. Any mistake or spilled chemical could lead to an expensive compensation claim against the cleaning company.

If a member of your cleaning staff faces accusations of damaging property, it could lead to litigation. Ensure that you are prepared for this eventuality by getting comprehensive insurance. You can do this by working with a reputable company such as this company.

High-Level Cleaning Insurance

Window cleaning is a popular job in many states all year round. However, traditional window cleaning methods require long ladders to reach upper floors. If you use this method, you will need comprehensive insurance.

If you plan to use high ladders, you should ensure that you and the other cleaners have specific training before starting. Should a ladder impact glass it may lead to litigation even if the result is a scratch rather than a full shattering of the glass.

Cleaning insurance can ensure that you can go about your cleaning without fear of financial ruin after one bad ladder placement.

Chemical and Burn Injury Insurance

Carpet cleaning is a very popular cleaning service that keeps carpets looking new and increases their longevity.

However, the cleaning process can be hazardous. Some techniques use strong chemicals that leave fumes in the air. Other processes use steam which can cause burns. In any case, water or chemicals on the floor can be a cause of accidents.

Retain your peace of mind by getting insurance that will cover the cost of medical bills and compensation.

Why You Need Cleaning Business Insurance and Much More

Cleaning employees work late at night with cleaning equipment and strong cleaning chemicals. This means that you should prepare now should the worst-case scenario occur.

Cleaning business insurance can not only protect your business’s finances, but you are also your reputation. You send a message to clients and employees that you take their needs seriously.

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