Why MAAC Animation Courses are Very Popular in India?

Why MAAC Animation Courses are Very Popular in India?

MAAC is a brand of Aptech and is a high-end VFX education and 3D animation center in India. It has a wide network of centers all over the country and has trained thousands of students so far in the disciplines of VFX, Filmmaking web and graphics design, media and entertainment, etc.

The MAAC animation institute is recognized as the Best Education institute for the year 2019 at the National Educational awards, 10th edition. Apart from imparting quality education in career-oriented courses, the academy also helps students to gain top-notch job placements in leading organizations. MAAC has a strong emphasis on using only the best infrastructure to train students. High-end computers, tablets, and other digital equipment are used as teaching aids so as to create an on the job environment in the classroom.

Different courses offered by MAAC and their fee structure:

The Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) offers a number of career-oriented courses and short term courses in visual effects, animation, multimedia, filmmaking, gaming, graphic design, web designing and a lot more.

1. 3D Animation course:

This course teaches the candidate on every single aspect of 3D animation and prepares them for exciting career opportunities. They train the students on all the aspects of animation and filmmaking from pre-production to post-production and equip them with the needed creative skills and technical knowledge. The duration of the course is for 600 hours.

2. Courses in visual effects:

After completion of the course, the students will be able to create excellent visual effects from flying off cars to flying heroes. The course is part of the VFX industry and prepares the candidates for creating visual effects in ads, television shows, movies, and games. The course makes use of advanced software solutions such as Nuke, Fusion, Mocha, 3Ds Max, etc., to impart the needed technical skills for the students. The duration of the course is about 388- 400 hours.

3. Game Designing:

The students are trained in different aspects of game designing through laptops, mobiles, tablets, and personal computers. With the help of this course, candidates are taught to create exciting creatures, characters, and build interactive gaming environments. The course duration is for about 288 hours where students are also given hands-on training in all the latest software such as Mudbox, Unity, 3ds Max, etc.

4. Augmented and Virtual reality courses:

This course from MAAC academy helps to enhance the imagination and creative skills of the candidates to the next level. The course acquaints the candidates to newer technologies for a sensationalized user experience and three-dimensional content. The course is taught with the help of latest software and technologies so as to cater to the growing demands of AR, VR and mixed reality contents. The duration of these courses is roughly 576 hours

5. Broadcast design courses:

The broadcast media holds tremendous possibilities, it covers a wide spectrum of different communication methods including the television and the radio. The broadcasting media companies deliver news and other digital information with the help of media streaming web-based applications. MAAC features a tailor defined broadcast course that throws light on different technologies used in this field. The course duration is about 432 hours.

6. Multimedia and design course:

The multimedia and the designing course prepares the candidate for a career in graphics, web designing, print, and publishing sectors. The course helps the aspirants to understand how the words, images, symbols, and letters are effectively used as a means of communication and portray the right message to the right audience. The course duration is 384 hours and has tremendous scope to place the candidate in national and international studios.

7. Short term courses:

MAAC also offers a number of short term and career-oriented courses for its candidates in VFX multimedia, 3D animation, graphics, and web designing, media and entertainment, and gaming. The short term courses have the minimum eligibility criteria as 10+2 education and their duration does not extend beyond eight months. Some of the placement oriented short term courses are Modelling and texturing, Lighting, Animation foundation, etc.

Reasons behind the popularity of MAAC animation courses:

MAAC academy is one of the finest places for learning the cinematic courses and is the preferred destination for the candidates wanting to make out a career in animation. The reasons that we can unfold are,

  • Record placements: The academy is considered the number one institute for immediate job placements after completion of the course. They also hold the highest placement records with some of the highest-paid employers in the industry.
  • Expert trainers: The institute has the best faculties with years of expertise in the field of training. The faculties offer individual one on one attention for the students to improve their learning outcomes
  • Infrastructure: The training centers have the best machines and the most advanced technology for teaching and learning. The students are offered the most advanced practical exposure in the labs on par with industry standards to influence their learning outcomes.
  • Networking opportunities: The students are given training on live projects along with field trips to the national Tech meets so as to enhance their creative skills. The academy upgrades its syllabus periodically to lead teaching innovations on par with industry trends.
  • On the job training: The MAAC Animation institute has its own in house built-in Croma studio to offer the most advanced practical training for the students. They also help them to work in short films which will help them to shape their practical skills.

Career outcomes and job prospects:

The course fee for the different animation courses offered by MAAC academy varies between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 depending on the nature of the course and its technical integrities. But students can find themselves in excellent job positions with attractive salaries soon after completion of the course. These professionals are in huge demand at the Indian entertainment industry. Their starting placement package can be anywhere between Rs. 2 to Rs 7 Lakhs per annum. Some of the top recruiters of these professionals are, Animax, Crest Animation, Prana, UTV, Red Chillies, Prime focus, etc. With its real-life training environment, it undoubtedly prepares its candidates for the top jobs in the entertainment and media industry.

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