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Intelegencia has taken giant strides towards becoming one of the most sought after providers of Business Process Outsourcing BPO Services across the world. Not only has it become famous for its inbound call center services with small and mid-segment businesses but also has gained a lot of fame and popularity for its ability to reduce the workload of businesses worried about grieving customers.

The reason behind this sudden surge in popularity is because of the results that have been there for everyone to see of late. Intelegencia’s inbound call center services are offered through multiple offices located in Manila and an office each in Dublin, Pennsylvania and Noida.

Embodying the true spirit of Business Process Outsourcing BPO, Intelegencia supports its customers through highly skilled and enthusiastic representatives supervised by capable managers based out of each of these offices working round the clock and answering each query customers have through voice, email and chat.

It does not end there. They work according to the time zone that suits that particular geographical location most, as customers send over most of the queries during those hours and expect them to be answered swiftly without any wastage of time. Moreover, they are always following up to ensure that the concerned customer had his query answered to satisfaction and trusts the service to be always there whenever he/she needs it most.

As of today, Intelegencia provides inbound call center services to organizations spread across the Middle East, Europe, Asia and North America. The service provider is thoroughly knowledgeable about the services its clients offer and the products they sell and is always prepared to handle queries of any nature pertaining to these services and products in the most convincing and understandable of ways.

Another reason why Intelegencia has been so successful in the area of Business Process Outsourcing BPO is because of the various nationalities that it has on its payroll spread across offices. These individuals go a long way in making customers feel at home. The financial success the company has enjoyed over years gives it the freedom to recruit local talent who understand the kind of questions coming in from the local crowd and answer them with utmost conviction.

This means, that the Manila offices employ Philipino nationals, the Dublin office employs Irish nationals and the Pennsylvania office has Americans providing Inbound Call Center Services to clients entrusting them with handling customer queries and grievances. State of the art infrastructure and the zest to deliver the most satisfactory service has kept clients happy for so many years now ever since Intelegencia ventured into the BPO sector.

The most preferred modes of communication remain chat, voice and email and Intelegencia masters all three in such a way that its performances have brought in the results that have made it such a successful vendor and helped it have such success.