Did you know, that Graff Pink is the most valuable pink diamond world has ever seen? It is made of 24.78 carats Fancy Intense Pink and sold for over USD $46 million in the year of 2010. These pink diamonds are extremely costly and 20 times more valuable than the simple white diamonds. The question is what makes these pink diamonds so precious? Because they are very rare, you won’t encounter them often and when you do, it has reached over a million dollars/carat. Thus, if you were thinking to gift this pink diamond to your wife, you have to be a billionaire like Bill Gates.

Pink diamonds from Australia are so beautiful, however, that is not the only reason why they are of big prices. It is not that they have pink all over, just a bit of diamond makes it one of the rarest things in the world. About 90% of pink diamonds originate from Australia and are found in the Argyle mine and just a one-tenth of one percent pink diamond can be found in a diamond.

Pink diamonds 20-30 times are more valuable than white diamonds

The owner of the Argyle mine, named Rio Tinto, is going to produce these diamonds only until 2020 and after that, the mine is going to be closed.

Most of the times, the pink diamonds are judged by its tone and intensity. The tones include red, pink, purplish pink, pink roses, pink champagne, and the intensity remains between 1-8. If you find a pink diamond with 1 intensity, its colour will be the most intense.

Australian pink diamonds come in many designs and most of the times they come in a small amount with white diamonds.

The Argyle diamond mine is located in Western Australia and is the most reliable and popular source of the pink diamond. Not only in Australia, but the Argyle diamond mine supplies pink diamond to all over the world. For the first thirty years, the mine is in W.A and had sold pink diamonds worldwide, but despite the financial crisis in the nation or worldwide, the price remained the same. Moreover, it has been seen as a potential investment in the world economy.

Pink diamonds are particularly treasured by royal families, as they are rare, beautiful and precious. The most renowned Williamson Pink (23 carats) is owned by Queen Elizabeth II. Moreover, celebrities like Blake Lively, Kate Bosworth, and Mariah Carey are found to have pink diamonds too, but the diamonds they have are fade in colour while Argyle pink diamonds have intense pink colour which you cannot match with any other pink diamond in the world.

Scientists and geologists have not yet found the appropriate purpose of why the pink diamonds are pink in colour. They said that diamonds of other colours such as yellow, green, blue have trace elements within, but pink diamonds do not have anything as such.

Consequently, pink diamonds are also available for less than $2000, however, you might have to compromise on their sizes.

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