Whiteboard animation, and free doodle video maker tool to improve conversion!

One of the objectives of a free doodle video maker through whiteboard animation can be to increase its conversion rate.

The conversion rate is the key element of your e-commerce site, since it tells you how much you are turning your visitors into customers! So, it is even more important than traffic to your site.

This is easily understood: it does not matter that there is a lot of traffic in your store if no one is buying. This is where whiteboard animation and free doodle video maker comes in.

Explanatory videos in whiteboard animation are 3 times more likely to be shared on social networks, therefore more viral!

They convert 150% better than any other type of video. And they double the chances of making a sale.


Reason 1: The drawn video reassures

All salespeople know that someone who is confident in a product is quicker to buy. The whiteboard animation does not look like an advertising film. This is one of its main assets!

Drawing touches childhood, brings your prospect back to the enjoyment of comics, and lowers the barriers that the public naturally opposes to sales talk.

Reason 2:  The comic video captivates

Dr Wiseman carried out a test by making two films: in one, he filmed himself explaining concepts related to the human psyche, in the other, with the same soundtrack, he made a video in whiteboard animation.

He then showed the two films to many people and observed this: compared to a classic video (a person speaking), the message is better remembered (+ 15%) when it is in drawn video.

And this concerns all age groups, Dr Wiseman described this score as “absolutely phenomenal!”

Reason 3:   Comic video generates more engagement.

Seeing the drawing being made before his eyes catches the viewer’s attention. The whiteboard animation attracts attention like no other video because in its very format, because you can’t help but try to guess what will follow.

Reason 4:  Cartoon video is more fun.

It stimulates what is called the anticipation of the spectator (viewer anticipation in English). “Your brain tries to anticipate what the final shape will be,” says Jonathan Surdo. “When the final form is revealed, the brain is surprised and generates dopamine. Dopamine is the molecule released by the brain in the experiences it associates with pleasure.

Reason 5: The drawn video allows a better projection

The problem with a video with actors is that it requires a lot of effort to be credible: you need good actors, good sets. But in addition, there is sometimes a problem of actor recognition in the actors that are used in the video.

The cartoon also makes it possible to simplify a message, and to overcome the constraints that one would have with a classic video. Here is an example of a video, where the simplification allows a better understanding:

At the end of the day, a drawn explanatory video reassures the prospect, captures his attention, engages him and gives him more satisfaction than a “classic” advertising film.

Dr Wiseman concluded his experiment thus: “What a whiteboard animation does is put me in a good mood. »The visitor to your e-commerce site, put in good disposition is much more likely to become a customer.

Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker can help you in communicating with your prospects very easily. You can attract more and more people get them engaged and explain them effectively. You can get lots of customizable pre-built templates available to do it with super ease. Free media library has lots of images, SVG, icons that you can use directly in your creation.  

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