Which Social Media Business is the Most Successful?

If you are a business owner, you know how many demands and decisions you make each day. Most importantly, you need to find ways to connect with your customers.

You might already be running a social media business or are considering using social media for your business. With 3.5 billion people using social media, it’s hard to pass up that huge audience. Nearly 45% of the population uses some form of social media.

You can’t afford to not use a social media business platform to connect with all those users. So, which platforms are best? Read on to learn about the advantages of many of the big social media platforms.


Facebook is the king of social media platforms with a whopping 1.62 billion daily active users. It’s hard to not use this platform for your social media business.

Facebook has a terrific targeted social media advertising program for its users which allows you to connect with those users who are most likely to benefit from the product or services you offer.


With nearly as much popularity, Instagram can’t be ignored for your social media business. This platform allows you to connect with users through photos, videos and in their stories feature too.

You can even drive online purchases by connecting with the powerhouse Instagram influencers who will share about your product or service and send their followers in droves to your business.


Twitter is a little different platform than the previous two because it limits your words. Yet, it offers a powerful opportunity for you to connect with your customers and clients.

Through Twitter, you can share about your business and get your followers engaged and interacting through the platform. Many Twitter users also share tweets from others, offering another way to get visibility for your business.


You might LinkedIn a more sedate platform, it’s still one worth considering. It is not traditionally used for selling purposes. Yet, it is a great place to network for your business.

Maybe you find other businesses who you can collaborate with. Maybe you can connect with other businesses who offer services that your customers might also need or want and your work together.


YouTube is a powerful channel to allow you to present yourself as an expert in your field to your followers. In the other platforms, you present photos and text. On YouTube, you can back up that other content with video content.

This allows you the opportunity to not only give your followers and customers more depth, but also shows them your business in a different way than the other platforms.


If you run a small business, you need a Pinterest platform. This platform offers huge ROI in advertising costs, much more than Facebook or Instagram.

Pinterest also has a huge audience that regularly uses the platform and saves information from the site.

Run Your Social Media Business Seamlessly

Your business has a huge opportunity when you choose to become a social media business. With literally billions of users between the different social platforms, your business should not be missing out on the huge opportunity to connect with potential customers.

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