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Where is the best place to post your content?

Have you ever written a great piece of content and wondered where the best place to share it was? You’re probably not alone. I think a lot of us wonder where to share our content. To determine where the best place is to share it, let’s talk about the goals of our program. Once we know what we’re trying to achieve, it might be easier to determine where it should go.

Program goals could be:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Keyword rank improvement
  • Site traffic increases

There are other goals we could be working toward, but in my experience, most content marketing programs seem to focus on one or more of those four areas.

If your goal is brand awareness or lead generation, then posting content on another site might make great sense. If you are trying to build your audience overall, having your content shared on another website via a guest blog post could introduce new people to your brand and drive leads. Heck, it could even drive traffic for you. If the site you’ve partnered with will promote your post via their social channels and share it with their followers, you have an even better chance of gaining additional exposure.

What is Business to Business Marketing, Businesstomark?

If your goal is keyword rank improvement for specific keywords, there could be several potential placement strategies.

  • First, posting to your site can help because the more relevant, high-quality content you have on the site, the more likely it is that Google will see you as an authority on the subject and, in turn, rank your page.
  • Second, posting on another site that has a higher domain authority than you and provides you with a follow link back to your website could help your site’s overall authority increase, which, in turn, makes it easier to rank for specific keywords.

How do you determine which strategy is right for the situation? Look at your overall keyword portfolio and determine where you need the most help.

If you have a term you’re ranking on page 2 for, and you have a great piece of content that’s optimized for that specific term, it’s possible that adding it to your site will give you the lift you need. However, if you’re trying to increase keyword rank for multiple terms or build your site’s overall authority, posting on another site may make more sense, as it can help your domain authority.

When you’re writing content, remember there are lots of places your audience spends time online, and honestly, they’re probably spending the least amount of time on your website or blog. If you want to grow your audience, you need to figure out where they are and share content there.

Where can you post content?

  • LinkedIn – If you’re targeting the B2B market, LinkedIn is a great content publication option. You have decision-makers checking in regularly and reading items in their news feed. You can write a new post or share one that’s been published somewhere else previously.
  • Medium – If you haven’t checked out Medium.com, it’s time. It’s a publishing platform where you can share content. They’ve made it easy to import blog posts from another site right into their platform. You have the option of creating new material or resharing from somewhere else.
  • Your blog or website – How often are you adding new content to your site or blog? You want to be adding new content on a regular basis. Most blogs have one to three new posts per week in an effort to increase traffic and leads.
  • Facebook – Share your blog posts, guest posts, updates and more on your Facebook page.
  • Twitter – Due to the fast nature of Twitter, you can share and reshare your content there multiple times in a day or week. Be sure you change the tweet each time and keep it engaging.
  • Other blogs (guest blog posts) – If you can write a post for someone else, seriously consider it and see if it makes sense for you. Yes, there’s a time commitment, but it can lead to traffic, brand awareness and conversions.

When trying to decide where to post your content, think seriously about the goals you have for the program or a specific piece to determine where you should post it. And then, no matter where it’s posted, be sure you share it via your social channels. If you post it on another blog, ask them to share it, too, and reshare their shares of the content.

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