Gambling is more accessible now than it has ever been and the roots for this were laid in 1996. Before this, gambling took place in the more traditional settings that included casinos and high street betting shops. These gambling environments were not very welcoming to females and this suppressed the amount of female gamblers that made up the statistics of UK gambling. It was not the fact that females were not interested in gambling at the time, even pre 1996, women were interested in betting but did not have a suitable outlet to play in. Casinos in the early 1990s and betting shops were very male dominated arenas that were intimidating to females. What the introduction of digital gambling did was to give those who always wanted to gamble, a safe environment to do so remotely. This proved ideal to females who could finally gamble from the comfort and safety of their own homes anonymously. These factors proved very popular and greatly increased gambling amongst females. Not only was gambling available 24/7 at online casinos, but the variety of gambling games also increased too. Slots and bingo accompanied traditional table games and sports betting. Bingo took a while to gain popularity but by 2003 it was a major part of the online gambling scene. A few years later, the first mobile bingo platforms were introduced and women could play bingo on the go through smart phones and other mobile devices. This remains the case today and many women play bingo through mobile devices whilst commuting to work or waiting for appointments. Playing at Barbados Bingo  can fill work breaks and make those long waits for transport whizz by. 

More Japan online casinos are using advanced software to scan their database to ensure there is fair gaming These advanced software quickly flag suspicious gamblers before online casinos make the mistake of granting them access.

Online Is Still Popular 

Despite the huge popularity of mobile bingo, many females still prefer to play bingo in the comfort of their own homes from laptops and desktop computers. Although this does not make you very mobile, you are still in control of the environment that you play in and you also remain anonymous. Big screen displays also help, especially if you are a bulk buyer of tickets.  Many bingo sites have all the bingo variations that a bingo fan needs and they also offer free bingo games and special new player sign up offers. 

The Resurgence Of Land-Based Bingo 

2020 has seen land-based bingo venues fight back and their revamped new image has proved extremely popular with female punters. Unfortunately much of 2020 has been disturbed by the pandemic, but before this, new innovations such as rave bingo helped get females into bingo halls in their thousands. Bingo at these new venues is just part of the entertainment, many venues add dancing, stand up comedy, food, music and alcohol to the mix. This has given bingo more of a nightclub vibe and this appeals to groups of women who meet up on a Saturday night for some much needed escapism. This trend for multilayered entertainment to accompany bingo is set to continue at land-based bingo halls right through 2020 and beyond.

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