What’s Cognitive Diversity in HR Qualifications?


    Everybody is different and so is the way they perceive problems and deal with them. Not everyone takes problems in a singular way and there are hundreds of ways of solving a particular problem. With this thing in mind, people have started to appreciate the ‘power of many’ when it comes to problem-solving.

    Comparing with the demographic diversity which basically depends on age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, or color- cognitive diversity depend on people’s capabilities to make associations and solve problems. It’s necessary that people from diverse backgrounds bring cognitive diversity, but the same doesn’t hold true vice-versa.

    It’s a newly coined term and if you are somebody practicing human resources as your primary career, it’s high time you search for global HR certification courses which deal with all new paradigms, concepts, and terminologies. Already in work and have no time? That’s an excuse. Complete those global HR certification courses that are online and in touch with the new age. If you have already completed the most recent one, keep updating your portfolio with the best HR qualifications.

    You ask where cognitive diversity is employed. It’s already in practice in armed forces of the United States. For the military, the regimentation and order are very essential for gaining the advantage of many minds working together. The substance that cognitive diversity holds for the armed forces is emphasized by what Navy’s Office of Strategy and Innovation has to say- “Innovation is the ability to question the standards, create different views, and then bring them all together for the development of powerful and unique solutions.”

    The talent management platforms as well as the HR qualifications that are being used have to come to appreciate and integrate into employment activity, volunteer work, academic training, accomplishments, and background- all of these facets elaborate how a candidate who has earlier been rejected by human HR managers can be picked by algorithms based on this new dimension of cognitive abilities.

    Talent management has seen a lot of highs and lows in the path to a great and diverse workforce but hiring from a particular age from the same nationality or with the same attributes stops cognitive diversity to reach your company.

    Suppose you hire a person called ‘X’ from a country called ‘Y’ belonging to a minority religion named ‘Z’. Now, this person has become a set called (XYZ). Think of another scenario, wherein you have hired a person called ‘A’ from the same country and same minority religion culminating into another set called (AYZ). If you hire them- is there any change in the experiences of both the candidates. Maybe there is. But if algorithms are checked on, they will have mostly similar experiences and cognitive diversities.

    That brings to the fore the significance of cognitive diversity, no matter how one is related to HR- global HR certification courses providing body, the vendors handling recruitment management systems and software, to HR professionals, to companies and organizations, and for people who want to be in HR.