What’s Changing in Facilities Management Today?

What’s Changing in Facilities Management Today?

Facilities management is undergoing many changes as businesses adapt to different ways of working. There are also trends that come and go too.

In this article, we will look at some of the changes in facilities management to gives businesses an idea about what to expect in the future.

Technological Trends

One of the key trends that are changing is in technology and how it’s used in the workplace. Innovations are leading the way in how facilities are being managed differently. Also, what’s happening inside facilities is different than in the past too.

The use of smart technology to provide security and access to systems via a smartphone or tablet on-the-move is a significant change compared to fixed in place systems of the past like hardwired CCTV cameras without any remote access.

Heating and cooling via HVAC systems connected up through intelligent control pads is also an improvement over older furnaces in the building’s basement, which were notoriously unreliable. Temperature controls are also better managed to keep heating and cooling levels sensible throughout the year for employees.

Workforce Trends

The workforce isn’t always growing if the company isn’t expanding. Some offices are shrinking as businesses use outside labor instead of continuously taking on full-time staff. One of the bigger facilities management trends is in the higher percentage of contractors, remote workers, freelancers, and short-term labor being used to complete small or more specialized tasks – you can read about facilities management trends here too.

Staff who work in the office are looking for greater control and customization. This affects how a facility is run both in large and small ways. For instance, offering a flavored drinks dispenser like Bevi allows staff and office visitors to receive still or carbonated drinks without needing to reach for an unhealthy soda. Healthy snacks or planned lunches is a good idea too.

Environmental Trends

Employees prefer working for companies that care about the environment. They understand that a meaningful percentage of air, waste, and other forms of pollution are generated by industry and they don’t wish to work for a company contributing significantly towards environmental issues like global warming.

Implementing green building policies is a good idea to engage with this trend. Having a waste target to reduce the amount of waste that the business generates that would otherwise end up in a landfill is smart. Using recycling and establishing rules about what waste can be recycled along with providing the collection facility to support it, goes a long way too.

Reducing energy usage by establishing systems to turn off all computers, servers, monitors, and printers that do not need to be online 24/7 saves on energy bills. Using screen savers and power off controls to automatically put a computer into sleep mode or at least turn off the monitor when idle saves energy. Establish energy reduction targets based on employee headcount and plan for how it can be achieved through specific policy changes.

Whatever trends are most relevant to your business, look to see what changes you can make. Then set about implementing them to not fall behind the trends.

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