The modern progress of education in many developed countries forced many experts around the world discuss the future shape of the education, and how it will be like by the end of our century. According to the latest researches, it will be different. Let us discuss it more.

The education of future: how will it be like by the end of the 21st century?

Several very likely scenarios waiting for humanity in the near future published Naked Science. There have never been and never will be predictions of a future defect, although if you look closely, from century to century they all resemble one another, differing only in detail. This is not surprising, since everything is based on human experience, and it is everywhere about the same at all times. That is why the most daring and gloomy predictions of the great science fiction come true. Another portion of the forecasts, of course, is not too fun, prepared by Naked Science, and there is no doubt that they will all be performed eventually.

Professor of History of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem Yuval Noah Harari, author of “Sapiens. Brief history of humankind “believes that by the end of this century, humanity will split into biological castes. In his view, throughout the history of humanity, inequality between people has only intensified. However, all this time of achieving human thought – humanism, liberalism, socialism – was able to correct unfair distribution of benefits in society. Since the people at all times was the main productive force, the elite was forced to somehow take care of its education, health and well-being. More interesting information find here

However, machine guns and robots slowly and surely displace man from the productive sphere, depriving him of permanent income, while the rich only get richer. If things go on this way, then the next century, inequality in society will reach a historic maximum, Harari believes. Such economic inequality will give rise to biological inequality. Some people will be able to improve physically and mentally with the help of new biotechnologies, while others will not be able to.

At some point, the majority will not be able to retrain, understand the updated requirements and new vacancies will not be available to them. As an example, Harari leads the profession of a designer of virtual worlds. Whether an old taxi driver or insurance agent will be able to apply for it, after all, new professions tend to master young people. The process when the elderly are being retired to retirement in their former workplaces, and the young occupy new ones will only accelerate over time and many workers will be unclaimed almost at once.

Studies show that more and more US citizens under the age of 35 refuse to purchase real estate and their own car, instead they rent apartments and use taxis. They have already been called the “generation of tenants.” An entire IT industry has already been created, the most famous companies in which are the Uber and Airbnb services. This is called the “economy of joint consumption.”

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