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What Space Movie Came Out in 1992?: The Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

Space 1999” came out in 1992, so that means I’m closer to the same age than the reviewer for the “Time” magazine article. You can see I’m a little stunned with this statement, but nonetheless I’ll allow it, and ask him to elaborate:

When a pop culture pioneer of the 1980s like Pee-wee Herman, Justin Timberlake and John McEnroe grow into oddballs who’ve lost touch with reality, it’s usually a career bump for their long-suffering spokespeople. But Justin Timberlake and John McEnroe have found careers by exploring new horizons. On his newest album, Collateral, McEnroe channels his inner Michaelangelo on a towering version of “Paint It Black” and Timberlake shimmies away from his boy-band past and fuses with the R&B of Snoop Dogg.

Sci-Fi Movies of the 1990s

By John Powell

How does a film change the world? By changing our perceptions of the future. Which is exactly what Blade Runner did in 1982 when it projected a future of high technology, visions of a sleek and sexy future, and stunning visuals. Now 32 years later, this vision of the future is becoming a reality. What are the trends of the future in movies? Let’s take a look.

Less Mars. More Global Warming

In Ridley Scott’s first blockbuster, set in 2019, it looks like the world has adapted to a climate controlled, virtually crime free environment where humans live longer lives. With populations approaching a billion, virtual reality is in use. Crime is practically non-existent, people are so accustomed to living like this that they begin to forget that they were ever born on earth.

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