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There are different procedures of getting married in Dubai, UAE for Muslims and non-Muslims. All of those legal processes should be carried out properly or else the marriage will not be considered as legal. So, people must make sure that they are fulfilling all the requirements accruing to their religion while getting married or else they won’t be able t get their marriage certificates.

Marriage is a legal bond between two individuals

Sharia law tells us that marriage is a legal bond between a man and a woman and this is the only legal way they can establish a relationship between husband and wife and have children. If a man and a woman who are not in any other legal relationship do not get married will not be allowed to live together and will be punished as well. The punishment can be jail or deportation after that as well.

Register your marriage in a legal manner

Until or unless to take into account the legal procedures of getting married in UAE, you won’t be granted the marriage certificate and hence you won’t be able to get the status of a married couple. So, make sure that you marry right according to your religion and fulfil the requirements properly.

Here are the conditions that you need to fulfil in order to register your marriage right according to sharia and law in the UAE.

Register by electronic means before registering your marriage in the court, you need to go for the online means. Fr this you would have to register your marriage on the online website of the court. Submit the electronic form to receive a reference number for yourself. You need to carry the granted reference number with you when you visit the court for marriage registration.

Residential or employment visa required

One of the persons applying for marriage registration should have a residential or employment visa in the UAE. To give the proof of their visa status, the soused need to bring their ID card and passports along for identity proof.

Age of spouse is a matter of concern for the people in UAE and for a couple to get married in UAE, the age of spouse should not be double than that of the partner. Chief justice’s approval is needed for the person who wants to get married under the age of 18.

Premarital medical certificates

The premarital medical certificate should be issued from the government of Dubai to the couple so that if any of the spouses are facing any disease like HIV or AIDS, it may be excluded or ruled out.

Presence of the spouse’s father or guardian

Both the partners should come along the father of the girl with two Muslims as witnesses. If the father of the bride has died, a death certificate should be presented and a guardian closely related must show his presence.

Marriage fee

The fee may vary from place to place like from 60 to 500 AED according to the procedures performed. The marriage officers will guide you on this matter.