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What is Search Engine and how does it work

Search Engine is a software program. Search Engine searches the information desired by the user from the unlimited range of information available on the Internet. Search Engine performs its search with the help of a particular Keyword or Sentence and displays the corresponding Result related to this Keyword or Sentence in Lists which are called SERPs Search Engine Result Page.

In the Search Engine Result Page, information search of different types is done related to the question searched by the user. This information includes Text Documents, Media Files, Images, Videos, Audio, Animations, etc. A Search Engine first shows the best information based on the information searched by the user. After this, the sequence continues continuously. You see Search Engine trillions of results for a question.

How Search Engine Works

Search Engine works in three steps. First Crawling, Indexing, Ranking

Crawling is the first step to search any web page. In this, Spiders, Bots or Crawlers of any Search Engine go to all the websites submitted in the Search Engine and from there they collect the pages that match the keywords searched by the user. In Crawling, the Search Engine collects all the data it has, which contains the user’s keywords.

Indexing is a process where all the data found during Crawl is to position all the data in the database. Search Engine does not just Crawl a website, but Crawl and Indexing all those websites in the world. According to the Google Search conference, Google Spider Crawl 3 Trillion Pages per day. This means that Google has a library of all the information in the world.

Ranking and Retrieval
Ranking and Retrieval is the last but the most important step of any search engine because it is why it ranks a page after taking into account many reasons in which it not only looks at the web page but also see that it The website is so popular, how old it is and how good the content is.

Which gets the page ranked at the right place and then when you search for any information, you get not one but thousands of results. The information that Search Engine likes best is that the result appears at the top, then the second third, fourth and then at the bottom there are thousands of more results. Each Search Engine has its own different algorithm in Ranking and Retrieval.

History of Search Engine

The job of all search engines is to do data search and display on the Internet. The first task of Search Engine was to just collect a File Transfer Protocol and find the data out of all the servers connected to each other. Search Engine was created because locating Web Server and File was not so easy.

The earliest Search Engine was a school project created by Alan Emtage. Alan Emtage was a student of McGill University in 1990. So let us now know when and how to make different Search Engine engines.

Google Search Engine is the most commonly used Web Search Engine. Google was launched in 1997. The founder of Google is Mr. College Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Bing is another popular Search Engine. Bing is created by Microsoft. Bing Search Engine was launched in 2009.

Yahoo! Search Engine is the third popular Search Engine in the world. Yahoo! Was launched in 1995. This is a very old search engine. It was commissioned by Jerry Yang and David Fillo in 1994. Both of them were Graduate Students of Electrical Engineering.

Ask.com is a Question-Answer Website. Here users find answers to their question. Ask.com is almost 20 years old Search Engine. Its special thing is that Ask.com searches the answers to the question. And here you can find your answers according to the category. Its founder is named Garrett Gruener and David Warthen California.

DuckDuckGo was launched in 2008. DuckDuckGo does not track its user activities. So the results of the DuckDuckGo Search Engine are the same for all users. It does not show personalized results.

Dogpile is a Meta Search Engine. It shows its results by taking information from other Search Engines like Google, Yahoo !, Bing, etc. This search engine is very old. Dogpile was launched in 1995.

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