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What Is Front End Web Development?


There’s a reason that web developer employment is exploding. As the online world grows, the demand for front end developers skyrockets.

But what is front end web development? And more importantly, why does it matter to my site?

Front end developers create the user experience of the web. Here’s what you need to know about front end development and how it affects your business.

What is Front End Web Development?

Front end developers build the user’s side of the internet – how a page displays when the viewer clicks a link, how fast the site loads, how the site is navigated, and much more.

On the other hand, back end development is the work that goes on under the hood, like how a piece of software works internally. A back end developer builds the nuts and bolts of a new program or app, while a front end developer makes it user-friendly.

A developer working on the front end will scaffold a site using HTML (hypertext markup language), then add visual style with CSS (cascading style sheets).

Why Does Front End Development Matter to My Site?

If you’re not using a front end developer to create your site, it means you’re using a drag-and-drop website service like WordPress.

While that may suit you just fine, professionally-developed sites have a plethora of advantages over generic ones. Here are a few:

1. Uniqueness and Branding

Too many businesses make the mistake of putting up a generic site just to have a presence online.

A website isn’t a billboard where you stick a few colors, fonts, and images and call it done. It’s an experience – it’s where your customers get a taste of the quality that makes you, you.

Every aspect of your site, from its design to its navigation, should be intentionally designed to grab your user and give them a great user experience. A generic site just can’t deliver the uniqueness to set your site apart.

A front-end developer goes beyond a generic-looking theme to create a unique site that’s on brand, functional, and engaging for your user.

2. Faster Loading Time.

Research has shown that a 2-second delay in website loading time can cause up to 87% of visitors to click away. Slow loading loses traffic and negatively affects SEO ratings.

Fast loading time keeps your site competitive, and PHP-based sites like WordPress are slower than static code sites.

A good front end developer writes streamlined code so that your site loads in a flash.

3. Superior Adaptability

Briebug points out that customer expectations are continually evolving. A drag-and-drop site built out of generic plugins can meet some needs, but it doesn’t compete with all that a professionally built site has to offer.

Great front end development meets those expectations with sites that are streamlined and easy to maintain, while still standing out from the pack.

Make Front End Development Work For You

There you have it – what is front end web development and why it matters to your site.

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