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What Is Authorized Repair Company And Why Is This Important?


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When your appliance breaks down, you will need an experienced technician to repair it. However, getting a reputable appliance repair technician can be a challenge, particularly since the market is flooded with appliance repair technicians. With that said, you will need to look for an authorized appliance repair company or technician.

This, however, brings another question—what is an authorized repair company? Well, this is a company that the product manufacturer considers qualified to repair or service products covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Manufacturer authorized is a designation a company gets from the manufacturers to repair and service their brand products. If someone else conducts the repair or service, the manufacturer’s warranty becomes void.

In case your appliance is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, and you need the manufacturer to cater to the repair costs, you must use an authorized repair company to repair the appliance. This is a benefit to you since it will save you hundreds of dollars.

For a company to earn a manufacturer authorized designation, it must pass extensive criminal, drug, and background screening. An authorized such as Lake Mary appliance Repair Company operates as a genuine business. The company has a storefront, carries the required licenses and insurances, and has been established and running for several years. Allowing an authorized repair company to service or repair your appliance means you entrust your appliance with a qualified and certified professional.

Authorized repair companies get technical support directly from the manufacturer. That means, factory-trained technicians receive extensive training about the brand’s common repair issues, current product recalls, as well as product trends. Furthermore, the repair company is in direct contact with a manufacturer technician. That allows the company’s repair technicians to ask for help in case they cannot identify any issue while working on your appliance.

Besides, an authorized repair technician can help you with warranty claims, or assist your request for special coverage from the manufacturer in case you have an ongoing issue with your appliance. This now brings another question—why should you allow an authorized repair company to repair your appliances?


Appliance manufacturers authorize a repair company after it’s gone through an extensive repair process. Please note that the process isn’t all about training. It also involves evaluation to check the availability, employees’ criminal background checks, as well as evaluations to check positive customer experiences and service history. Also, the manufacturer checks whether the company complies with the local, state, and federal codes, and has insurance liability coverage.

The manufacturer will need assurance that the repair company has the necessary licenses and insurance coverage, which allows their customers to get the protection. This extensive screening process means you don’t have to worry about the trustworthiness of the repair company. It assures you this is a company you can trust.


A repair company can only receive authorization after proving its expertise. The repair technicians get professional training, which includes studying the brand’s products, using test equipment in real-world settings, as well as learning how to accurately estimate repair costs.

Appliance repair technicians at an authorized repair company not only need to acquire this information, but they should also keep themselves updated with the latest products and trends. That means they should regularly undergo continuous training to improve their knowledge and expertise. Besides, since authorized repair companies provide specialist service, they attract more customers—and this allows the technicians to gain more expertise.

Genuine parts

Appliance manufacturers use exclusive data to create a comprehensive list of the most required replacement parts across the world. An authorized repair company has most of these parts in their stock. That means allowing the company to repair your appliance allows you to access genuine parts.

Unlike unauthorized services companies, you don’t have to wait for the technicians to order new parts—which is a bit more costly and takes a lot of time too. Although it’s still possible to do your laundry or dishes by hand for several days before a replacement part arrives, you don’t need that. Taking advantage of the availability of ready access to genuine replacement parts will save you a lot of stress and hassle.

The guarantee of protecting your warranty

When you need to repair your new appliance, you risk rendering your warranty void when you allow an unauthorized repair company to service your appliance. Typically, authorized repair companies are trained to understand all the details of your warranty. That means they can act on behalf of the manufacturer to repair your appliance, so long as you have a valid warranty.

Product recall details

Because authorized repair companies stay updated with the latest information from the manufacturer, you will always be aware of any recall information related to your appliance. Thus, the company can provide repair assistance that you might have not known you needed.


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