What Is An Iontophoresis Machine

Iontophoresis machine is a treatment that has been used for decades to treat prolonged sweating of the hands, feet, and armpits in particular. Studies suggest that Iontophoresis machine has a proven beneficial long-term effect in the treatment of hyperhidrosis-constant sweating-if you use it regularly. Athlete servers may also use Iontophoresis machine as a therapeutic tool for athletes, not as a medical disorder treatment, but to minimize sweat for performance enhancement, e.g. by increasing grip function.

This could be an alternative if heavy sweating effects your palms, feet, or both locations. This therapy will be used for you at home. It needs you to immerse your hands or feet in a pan of tap water that is shallow. A medical system sends a low-voltage current through the water when you do this. Most individuals get help. Some people hate the fact that this procedure will take time. 

How Iontophoresis machine operates?

The electric current briefly slows the treated sweat glands down. To close down the sweat glands, most individuals require between 6 to 10 therapies. You begin by using the device as always suggested by your dermatologist to get improvement. You can require two to three treatments a week at the start. Usually, a therapy session takes 20 to 40 minutes. You will repeat the procedure if appropriate to sustain success until you see results. This may varies between once a week and once a month. Your dermatologist will show you how to use the device and give you a prescription if this procedure is appropriate for you, so that you can order one. A prescription for a drug that they apply to the drinking water is often given to certain patients.

How Is Iontophoresis machine Effective?

Iontophoresis machine is usually beneficial for hyperhidrosis treatment. People also attend therapy sessions lasting 20 to 40 minutes many days a week before sweating reduces to a desirable amount. Treatments are arranged less often at that point, generally only once a week. Iontophoresis therapies must be undertaken routinely and to preserve outcomes before sweating increases. Ongoing therapy with Iontophoresis for sports injuries is only appropriate when an injury starts to recover. To facilitate recovery, most patients with sporting injuries attend a handful of five to 10-minute treatment sessions over the course of a week or two. Physical therapy, recovery, and good diet will continue the healing process at that phase.

Who will use the iontophoresis machine apparatus?

Iontophoresis machine is a perfect choice for you if you are:

  • Do not have access to the area’s sweat clinics
  • Want a cheaper alternative to ongoing therapy with injections
  • Don’t want muscle fatigue to be experienced as a side effect
  • Be scared of needles and of surgery
  • Don’t want to drive regularly to get medication-are an athlete who needs to minimize sweat to have a better effect on your results.

Iontophoresis machine shouldn’t be used if:

  • You’re getting pregnant
  • Iontophoresis machine has not been studied in pregnant women and its use during breastfeeding is not recommended. In the other hand, breastfeeding is not a contra-indication.
  • You have in the body a pacemaker or other metal implant in the direction of the present implant.


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