What Is A Fireliker?

    What Is A Fireliker?

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    What is a Fireliker?

    A Fireliker is a person who likes to set things on fire. They may do this for fun, or because they enjoy the destruction that results from it. While some people may see them as dangerous, others may view them as adrenaline junkies. Whatever the case, Firelikkers are definitely not afraid of a little (or a lot) of heat!

    Other Names for A Fireliker

    There are a few other names that people use for a fireliker. Some of these other names include:

    -A person who is interested in firefighting
    -A person who likes to set fires
    -A person who is arsonist

    While the word “fireliker” is not as well known as some of the other words used to describe these individuals, it is still a widely used term.

    How to Identify A Fireliker

    A fireliker is someone who is attracted to fire. They may be drawn to the flame itself, the heat of the fire, or the destruction that it can cause. Firelikers often enjoy watching fires, playing with fire, or even starting fires. While some people may see this as a dangerous hobby, for firelikers it can be a way to relax and release tension. If you think you might be a fireliker, there are a few things you can look for.