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What Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Do?

At a very basic level, a criminal defense lawyer performs a number of functions with respect to a criminal case. She or he is supposed to defend people who have been charged with committing certain acts of crime. It also goes without saying that she or he speaks on behalf of the clients through the entire case.

How are these cases assigned?

There are several ways in which a defendant may get in touch with such a lawyer. They may get in touch with the lawyers straightaway. At times, the court may assign them the case as well. There are many criminal lawyers who are public defenders as well. This means that it is the office of the public defender that is paying them. These cases can be assigned to them by local, federal, and state courts as well.

Interviewing the case

A criminal defense lawyer Colorado first meets personally with her or his client. In this case her or his main aim is to get as much information as possible about the clients from the individuals themselves. They also try and get the maximum possible information about the case as well. They normally ask specific questions pertaining to the case and this is how they figure out ways in which they can defend their clients in these cases. This is their way of figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of the same.

Investigating the case

This also forms a major part of the work done by a criminal defense lawyer. This is done in order to find out if there are any ways in which their clients could be acquitted. For this they can ask the police officers who are looking into the case and ask them how they went about investigating the same. At times, they would also talk to witnesses and find out more information regarding the case. They use all the information thus gathered to build up a defense argument that is as strong as possible under the given circumstances.

Analyzing the evidence

As part of this particular process the criminal defense attorney in Colorado normally studies various theories and facts of the case in great detail. She or he may also get the evidence tested independently. Apart from that they also investigate the evidence on their own at times. This is done in order to find out if there are any legal theories that can be brought to work to defend their clients from the evidence against them.

Staying in touch with the client

All throughout the case this is what the lawyer has to do. They need to maintain contact their clients at all times and apprise them of any new development that may have come up in the case. Also, the lawyers are well within their rights to keep all these discussions and talks secret. The lawyer also needs to keep the clients informed at all times because this is expected to give them some idea of the possible ways in which the case can turn out in the future.


A criminal defense lawyer is allowed to help choose the jury as well. She or he may also try to get such people removed from the case as well. This is especially when they happen to show bias against their clients. At times, even having a bad feeling about a supposed juror can be enough for these lawyers to ask for the removal of the same. They have to perform plea bargaining work as well on behalf of their clients. This is how such professionals can make sure that at least some charges brought against their client are dropped or somehow their punishment is reduced.

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