What are the ways to increasing traffic to a blogging site through Pinterest?

What are the ways to increasing traffic to a blogging site through Pinterest?

Do you know that Pinterest is the best way to drive traffic to your blogging site? Millions of bloggers use Pinterest to increase traffic to their sites but you need to know how to do it. When you open a new Pinterest account, it can take time to become popular. You need to apply effort to increase traffic to your blogs. The best way would be doing on your own in the beginning and then taking Pinterest marketing services. A properly set up Pinterest account can make a good difference. You can also use analytical tools to track your progress or the percentage increase in traffic.

Link the Pinterest account to your blog

Just after you have completed the blog or in the middle, you can include the link of your Pinterest account. Fix up the Pinterest account to start promoting your blog. You may convert the personal blogging account into a corporate or business account.  If you don’t want to convert personal account into a business account, create a new account. On converting to a business account, you gain access to the tools like website verification, Pinterest analytics and also attain a business account. These things will help to grow your Pinterest account and also increase traffic to the blogs.

In order to link the blogging site with the Pinterest account, you have to undergo the website verification process by checking the Pinterest settings. In this way, you may check the number of clicks to your site. View the repins and save those pins for the blog.

Add images and buttons for Pinterest to the blog posts

Simply adding posts to the Pinterest will not do. You cannot expect that others will use their ‘Pin It’ Button. You need to add your own and give scope for pinning your content. Henceforth, make use of images, buttons and texts. Include social sharing plugin so that people may share your post on their social account. It is true that the users of Pinterest have Pin It button but only your images and buttons can remind them about pinning up. Let the blogging platform include social sharing button. This is a golden tip with respect to Pinterest for bloggers. Some of the popular social sharing plugins include Social Warfare, Shareaholic, Sumo and AddThis. Use images that are sure to get found. If you aren’t sure of this, utilize Pinterest SEO service.

Have a traffic building strategy

You need a workable strategy to get more traffic from your Pinterest account. The Pinterest Marketing services will help to come up with a strategy. The right board setup is mandatory here. Only the board setup can encourage more and more pinning. Pin at least 10-50 times in a day for it is better to start low in the beginning. Use browse ‘Pin It’ to pin the blog posts to your Pinterest account.

Time to track your stats

You must know how much your efforts pay off. To track the progress of the Pinterest, you can do several things. Keep a track of the number of pins you are posting, the number of followers you have gained, track the saves, clicks and the number of repins. Pinterest Analytics is the way to tracking the progress of Pinterest. You may directly see the Pinterest stats from Pinterest. Again, a business account is needed to access the analytics option.

Be patient and give time to your methods to materialize. The main thing is having a strategy and then tracking how far it works. Pins can become popular only when they sit and spend time. So, follow the Pinterest for blogger tips and promote your blogging site.

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