What are the warning signs of losing muscle mass?

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When you are on your weight loss journey, there are certainly a few things that will make you feel more motivated than seeing the number decreasing constantly on the weighing scale. Unfortunately, many people who see the number going down on the weighing scale assume that they are losing fat, but they aren’t aware of the fact that they are losing their muscle mass along with fat.

It is important to pay heed on this very fact as you shouldn’t lose the muscle mass during your weight loss journey as muscles play a significant role in helping you carry out day-to-day activities like lifting heavy bags and carrying groceries, to name a few. Hence, one should try to maintain a good volume of lean muscle mass in order to speed up their basal metabolic rate (i.e., the total number of calories your body consumes even at rest), which is considered to be more effective in losing fat in a long-run. This is the reason why we always emphasis on the fact that one should always train with a qualified trainer with fitness certification. They can help you in making your weight loss journey more successful.

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Here are some of the factors that can indicate that you are losing your muscle mass along with fat:

Doing long sessions of cardio workout

Have you been doing long sessions of a cardio workout thinking you will lose fat? This is one of the most common mistake people. As per a qualified personal trainer with fitness certification, if you are just focussing on doing a lot of cardio and not at all doing weight training then are high possibilities that you will wind up losing around 50% of muscle mass and 50% fat.

You need to keep your muscle so ensure you perform weight training exercises at least twice a week and focus on working on larger muscle groups like glutes, quads, hamstrings, back and chest as compared to small muscle groups like biceps and triceps. As per the research, it has been found that when you focus more on larger muscle groups you tend to burn more calories during and after your workout session.

Feel low levels in energy

Another very big sign of losing muscle mass is feeling low in energy levels. If you are feeling more tired throughout the day and not able to concentrate on your work than usual, then it definitely means you are losing your muscle mass along with your fat. Hence, it is always advisable to consider taking the advice of a qualified personal trainer with fitness certification as they can guide you through the right way of working out while maintaining the right balance in sleep and diet.