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What are the Primary Toll Collection Systems Implemented?


Toll roads are found all over the world. However, primary three systems are implemented in tolling places like Runcorn bridge toll. The three systems include Open, Open Road, and Closed. Traditionally, one has to pay tolls by handing money to toll gate employees by hand. However, though payments are still made in cash most times, using electronic toll collecting systems has become more common nowadays.

Through this article, you will come across the primary systems in detail. Take a look!

  1. Open toll approach

The first one is the free toll approach where every vehicle requires stopping at different spaces along the highway for paying their share of toll. This is one of the easiestways to save money as there is no necessity for constructing toll booths at each exit. However, the issue with this is that it generally causes traffic congestion due to traffic queue at toll barriers/plazas’ mainline.

Another aspect of this system is that it makes it possible for various motorists to enter such open toll places after one barrier and exit before another one appears. Thus this makes it possible for people to travel toll-free on tolling road. However, to eliminate such practices, most open toll road systems these days have fractional access junctions or ramp tolls. Hence, this ensures that everyone who uses such toll roads has to pay for using it.

  1. Closed toll method

With this system, every vehicle which is going to pass through such a road will have to acquire a ticket. However, in some cases, ticket shows how much one has to pay at the exit of a toll. When exiting a toll the vehicle’s driver or owner should pay the sum of money, which is mentioned in a ticket. On the other hand, if an individual loses his/her ticket, then he/she should pay the maximum possible amount for travelling on that road.

Short toll passages which have no intermediate exits or entries might have a singular toll barrier at just one end with vehicles going in either direction pays a flat amount upon their entry or exit from that place.

A closed system has a variant where mainline barriers are implemented at both endpoints of a toll bridge or road. Also, each interchange comes with ramp toll, which is to be paid upon entry or exit. In such a case, a motorist will pay one level expense at slope toll just as again at the toll road ends.Also, no ticket is necessary for such a situation.

  1. Open road toll

People should not make a mistake this with open toll where vehicles have to stop to pay the amount. Here no toll booths are present only electronic toll gantries for collection at exits and entries. Modern approaches include a combination of all these systems.

So, these are the collection methods which are employed to collect tolls from vehicles which use toll roads like Runcorn bridge toll. Now that you are aware of how tolls are collected, you should not miss it the next time and also be saved from any penalty which might be involved if toll is not properly paid.

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