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What are the Different Types of Cable Harness Assembly?

The cable harness assembly is nothing but the cable or the wire that is used to tie up all of the cables together. The cable harness assembly India is used to maintaining the multiple cables together. Using the cable harness will help you to avoid the cable strangling, and you can maintain the cable network more efficiently. The engineers prefer using the cable harness assembly to avoid the issues while working with a bunch of cables. Bundling the same type of cables together makes it easier to manage the network efficiently. To tie the cables, the engineers use different types of cable harness assembly. In this post, we are going to share the detailed information about the different types of cable harness assembly.

Types of Cable Harness Assembly

#1 – PVC Cable Harness

The PVC cable harness assembly is made from Polyvinyl Chloride plastic. The cable assemblies made with PVC material is very strong and does the perfect job of handling the bundles of cables. PVC is a strong plastic and is used to tie up tens and hundreds of cables together if needed. It is resistant to the water and moisture, so it can be used in moist and damp places. It is also heat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about melting hot temperatures or hot cables.

#2 – Thermoplastic Elastomer Cable Harness

The Thermoplastic Elastomer is a great type of cable harness assembly, which is used widely in the industry application. It is specially designed to resist the heat and support the cable bundles effectively. You can stretch the cable harness assembly made from the thermoplastic elastomer and tie a ton of cables together without any efforts. It is great for industrial usage as the industries have the requirement of bundling and tying thousands of cables together. If you are an engineer and want to use the thermoplastic elastomer cable harness for small bundles of cables, then you should stick with the PVC cable connectors.

#3 – Breaded Cable Harness

The breaded cable harness comes with the covering or shielding of the thin wire mesh. The wire mesh provides additional strength to the harness assembly. If the tension is too much on the harness, then it may break slowly or snap suddenly. To avoid such issues, the breaded cable harness assembly is suitable. You should not worry about putting some tension on the breaded harness, as it is useful in only such cases. Even though they are strong, the breaded cable harness are not recommended for tying the communication cables, as the breaded material can interfere with the signal transmission.

#4 – Color Coded

The Color-coded cable harness are popular amongst the engineers. The engineers use the color-coded harnesses to sort the cables correctly. It is more of the productivity aspect, as the color-coded cable harness is made only with the PVC. Even though it is the same product as the PVC cable harness, the coloring has added the little charm and productivity aspect to the cables, putting it amongst the popular types of cable harness assembly India.

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