What Are The Differences Between Natural Grass And Artificial Grass?


    Natural grass lawn and synthetic lawn are the two options available to you if you want to install a new lawn in your home. Which one of these two options is right for you? Let’s see.

    The answer to this question depends on initial and ongoing costs, the required level of maintenance, and sustainability and aesthetic preferences. Fake turf can do everything natural lawn can do. In fact, it can do a lot more and a lot better than natural grass. Let’s see the considerations that must come in mind before making a purchase.

    Ownership Cost

    It is fairly affordable to plant seeds. However, after that, there are regular ongoing lawn maintenance costs. You have to invest in equipment. You need supplies to trim, mow, feed, weed and re-seed.
    On the other hand, the installation of artificial grass costs more than planting seeds. However, the maintenance expense is little to no. Moreover, some sellers also offer the option of financing. So, the initial cost of grass is covered in several months.


    The level of care required makes the biggest difference between natural grass and artificial grass. You have to set aside hours in a week to keep your lawn looking its best. If you ignore, it will reflect your lack of attention.

    On the other hand, artificial turf asks for only minimal maintenance. You have to rinse occasionally to remove dust, pet waste and potential odours. You can keep the blades upright and fluffy with occasional brushing. Synthetic lawn in Sydney is especially best for high traffic areas. Of course, you have to pick up leaves or any other organic clutter from your synthetic lawn.

    Water Usage

    Sydney or anywhere else, no homeowner wants a high water bill. However, your natural lawn is going to increase your water bills. Your 800 square foot of natural lawn is going to consume an average of 132500 litres of water annually.

    On the other hand, 1600 square foot of synthetic lawn does not require any water at all if you are not using it as a potty zone. If you are, the only water you need is to rinse that area with a hose.


    If you are investing in modern varieties of synthetic turf, you cannot distinguish it from the real grass. Aesthetics make a major difference. Fake grass is incredibly realistic. The colour, height and texture are the same. However, the effect of weather, wear or season is minimum. On the other hand, natural grass is affected by all these plus traffic.

    Light and moisture changes, pet challenges, seasonal issues and wear and tear can cause serious damage to the natural grass. The grass no longer appears richly green. It appears yellow, mottled and you will also find dead spots. To maintain the desired height of the grass, you have to mow constantly.


    Both can be used for residential lawns. So, weigh the pros and cons of both. This will help you in making the right choice. Think about the time and money you have to invest. The choice also depends on having kids and/or pets. The purpose of installing the lawn is also an important factor.


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