What Are the Common Types of Marketing?

What Are the Common Types of Marketing?

If you’re running a business, there’s a lot you’ve got to keep track of.

There are the day-to-day operations of doing business. Whether you’re operating alone or you have lots of employees, this alone can be all-consuming. One thing you don’t want to ignore is marketing.

In this post, we’re going to outline the different types of marketing that you need to know about as an entrepreneur. You’ve got lots of options, but this can also make it extremely overwhelming to think about. Start here and gain some inspiration for your new marketing approach.

Traditional Types of Marketing

Before the internet, marketing was traditionally done through local ads, flyers, billboards, mailers, radio and television commercials, and whatever other innovative ideas an entrepreneur might have. These methods are still effective, but they’re now used sparingly and in combination with digital marketing.

SEO and Content Marketing

Digital marketing practices have come a long way since the pre-internet days. One practice that’s continually evolving is search engine optimization. What started out with using keywords to appeal to user’s Google searches has gotten far more sophisticated, but it’s always had close ties to content marketing.

“Content is king” is probably a phrase you’ve heard overused in your marketing research. Having a steady stream of informative and engaging content can work wonders for your marketing strategy, whether it’s through blogging, video, or social media. It’ll help you build a recognizable brand, but if you’ve done your SEO due diligence, it can help you jump up the search rankings as well.

Social Media Marketing

Every business effectively needs to be active on the big social media platforms these days. If you’re not interacting with your customers on Facebook and Instagram, then you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the population.

Through social media, you can drive traffic to your website to boost sales, but the main draw is that you can build a lot of brand awareness. The perception people have of your business is a huge deal, whether you’re the local auto shop or you’re a burgeoning tech giant, and social media can help you control that perception.

Although it sounds easy, running a social media marketing campaign can be tough. Many business owners end up hiring a local marketing company to take their social media presence to the next level.

Email and Messenger Marketing

Email, and now Messenger marketing is more like traditional marketing than anything else. It allows a business to operate the same way they would if they were sending out mailers directly to their customers. You simply create a list of current and potential customers – probably with the help of CRM software – and send them your latest offers.

It’s true that many emails end up in the spam folder or deleted, but the ROI of email and Messenger marketing is still very high.

Finding the Right Balance

There are so many different types of marketing and the truth is, all of them are useful, even the old school methods. To have a truly great marketing campaign for your business, you’ll have to do a bit of everything. What’s most important is that you’re reaching your customers, new and old, and making them aware of your brand and your services.

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