What Are Prototype Services: A Comprehensive Guide

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There it is.

The perfect product idea.

It’s like a light bulb just lit up in your head. You’ve got an idea for the greatest invention since sliced bread, and you can already see the millions of dollars you’ll make from producing and marketing this product.

But there’s one crucial step that you need to take care of first: hiring prototype services to build and test an initial product for you. The right prototype services can make your idea a reality and will also inform you as to how to best produce your product for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at what prototype services are and how the product development lifecycle works.

What Are Prototype Services?

The basic function of prototype services is to generate functional prototypes of a specific design. So, in essence, prototype services take care of the manufacturing processes once you have a design created.

Some services, however, will also include that design phase. So if you are not technically gifted and don’t know how to use CAD software to develop your product idea into a computer design, then you should consider hiring a full-service rapid prototyping company.

Either way, if you don’t have the technical resources or aptitude to manufacture or machine your product idea, you will need to hire prototype services.

What Does the Product Development Process Look Like?

The product development process can look very different depending on the kind of product that you are creating.

The first factor to consider is whether it is technically complex. Does it have a lot of angles and curves that would make it hard to manufacture? Is there a bunch of electrical components and sensors that need to go into the design?

If so, then chances are that the turnaround for manufacturing such a prototype will be significantly longer. In addition, turning the prototype into a mass-produced product could also be quite an arduous task. Expect to pay more if that is the case.

If, however, the product itself is a very straightforward design, then chances are that one could use 3D printing to creating the prototype, which would take much less time than a typical machining and manufacturing process.

Once the prototype has been created and is functional, the next step in the product development process is to test the prototype. Does it do all of the things that you anticipated it to? Does a focus group like how it looks and enjoy using it?

Those questions need answering before you consider mass-producing the product and selling it, which are the final steps in the process.

Start Turning Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality Today

There you have it. Equipped with this article, you should have a much better idea of what prototype services are and how they can turn your million-dollar idea into a reality!

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