What are Carb Caps, and How Do You Use Them?


Whether you’re a die-hard dab enthusiast or new to legal cannabis extracts, a carb cap is an essential piece of equipment for your rig. Read on to discover more about these excellent attachments.

What are carb caps?

The carb cap is a tiny piece that fits onto your dab rig’s domeless nail or quartz banger. Its main goal is to enable the vaporization of the wax at a reduced temperature, maintaining potency and taste and, of course, helping protect your lungs.

With MJ Arsenal carb caps, you can detect the difference between various wax strains for the first time. The dabbing device is simple to use and effective. 

What is the purpose of a carb cap?

Carb is short for a carburetor. It functions as an airflow regulator in the same manner that the carburetor underneath the hood of an automobile does. 

Most of the time, carb caps are manufactured using the same robust materials as nails. Ceramics, glass, and titanium are the most common materials for making carb caps. They come in different designs and have varying functions. 

They are placed on top of the banger or nail after the concentrate or dab pearls are dumped in, aiding in retaining the burning substance’s heat. This thermal trapping method keeps the concentrate from heat reduction and allows it to heat up more fully.

How carb caps work

Carb caps limit airflow and are capable of preserving heat by trapping it.

Even when a nail is composed of a substance that can withstand high temperatures and retain heat effectively, applying anything at a normal temperature rapidly depletes the heat. Carb caps trap vapor, making it easier to achieve the level of heat required to create vapor while dabbing at lower temperatures. Carb caps also add extra air to the oils, allowing them to evaporate much faster.

Steps in using a carb cap

  • Apply the concentration to your nail while placing your carb cap on standby.
  • Cover the dome with the carb cap after putting in the concentrate.
  • Adjust the airflow and pressure by moving the carb cover up and down until you’ve achieved the correct blend.
  • If you have a functionally designed carb cap, you can use it to produce the ideal temperature for your dab.

Why is a lower temperature dab crucial?

When a dab is consumed at a very high temperature, the oils that deliver the beneficial objectives and flavor get reduced. If it’s used at a lower temperature, the terpenes and the cannabidiol that offer taste and benefits are preserved. 

If you’re used to dabbing at high temperatures, a carb cap can let you fully appreciate the pleasure of low-temperature dabs.

Wrap up

There are several advantages to utilizing a carb cap with your dab setup. While a carb cap is not strictly essential, it ensures a smoother dabbing effect for several reasons. 

Using a carb cap gives you a much more significant and smoother impact. A carb cap also improves the flavor of your dab by highlighting all of the delicious terpene flavors. 


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