Werner Boehm- from CEO to mastermind, how did he make the blackmailing game change?


    Even today when online dealing and transactions are on the peak, a lot of individuals bite their nails before entering into something as such. This is not something that involves the general public, but even the biggest investors and professionals have tasted the lemon that can push you into huge troubles. People like Werner Boehm simply are some of those few people who use their extraordinary mind into negative practices. Not only has this, but the blackmailing sometimes got so far on non-humanity notes that it hurts the people both economically and sentimentally. The case went beyond boundaries and there was no single individual who was involved in the game, surely a huge gang of people who take pleasure in stealing others’ rights took this scenario to a higher extent.

    What was the case that got unveiled?

    Werner Boehm who was a CEO of BitRush Corp. was caught breaching the fiduciary duties that were assigned to him as a responsible post holder. Major decisions were undertaken on 14th November 2017 by the court where his actions caused extreme negative harm to the whole company and the shareholders as well. He was tagged with undertaking oppressive, unfair and unacceptable duties that affected the dignity of the organization.

    The board majority instantly terminated Werner Boehm from his post of CEO as he took all the actions as per his own wish, without even taking any approval from the whole panel. His activities included posting a lot of fake news releases upon the organizational website. The news releases revolved around false facts which said that the former CTO of the company has been blackmailing Werner Boehm or the company. However, in reality, the case was that Werner Boehm himself used such fake news releases and blackmailed a lot of people globally, and affected both the company as well as the shareholders negatively.

    How did his plan and framework get successful?

    The criminal flow or the extortion plan that was designed by Werner Boehm and Alfred Dobias had a huge unexpected effect on the conditions of normal people. Werner initially began the game by partnering up with Uwe Lenhoff into BitRush and became the CEO of the company. However, later on, he got involved with Alfred Dobias and took a lot of illegal actions that cost him the reputation and post big time.

    Werner initially began his overall blackmailing game by opening up a news portal where he targeted his own partner Uwe Lenhoff. As he went on with the scheme, he got to discover that Uwe had also partnered with Ilan Tzroya and later on, he progressed with the blackmailing machine and started to target Ilan Tzroya. He asked for a huge sum that Ilan Tzroya ultimately paid him. The case escalated and he went on paying more and more. However, these people partnered and ordered more criminal attacks or articles. Slowly Ilan Tzroya figured out new targets for the game to spread up and made enough money from innocent people as well.


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