The second day I caught with a traveled American friend who has managed to see himself this year in iguanas in Antarctica, Guillips in Uganda and Guillacos.

The story of his story is still trapped in my mind that the new passenger feels very tremendous: how to pack a suitcase.

My friend, former foreign journalist, likes to travel light. I did not think that as long as he told me to his wardrobe for a three-week visit of Uganda, until I took the week to the end of the week’s weekend.

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He said, the trick, he was a technique in which he was searching for the Cambodian war: he would walk his clothes whenever he showered, and his foot, shampoo and soap washing machine work.

I could see the appeal at once, though there are some clear limits, such as a space needed to dry in a moment. I can not see myself on a white tour on a business trip and it will be difficult on a family holiday, especially on a child’s child.

Nevertheless, this idea is worthwhile, profitable, and profitable, in which the mountainous mountain available for dealing with more than one device can say for a lot.

When I said “how to pack your bag”, I got 449 million results, “more than to eliminate poverty and” how to treat “. Still a key guidance The amount was either explicit (wearing a large amount of luggage on the plane) or tremendous flying (layer cloth with softening cloth to improve the kiss) or contradictory.

Catch the dial
Both Hathroro Airport and Canton recommend that you start getting your clothes out so that you think you will need a bed. Then Hautrode tells you that throw a dial from one third. Counselors say it should be resolved.

Airlines and airports, of course, should do a little bit of work in front of it. The airline equipment and security check-in-the-mood of the ever-changing rules must describe some thirst for the necessary instruction.

Yet, decades ago, none of this guidance was necessary. London University says only a person who has a job to take care of his heels of chases and chickens, says that one of them is now proud of the proud.

It was not until the 19th century began to travel widely on the way that passengers started getting started packing along with instructions and manuscripts to carry out their matters. You think we have now been executed in the second century of the 21st Century.

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