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Way to Revenue Generation for Orthotics and Prosthetics Prior Authorization

A healthy operating margin results in effective patient’s care and revenue generation. According to AMA in their newsletter on 6th May 2016 stated, “Patient care is the top priority and a source of passion for physicians, but making sure the business side of your practice is ‘healthy’ also can contribute to better outcomes and patient satisfaction.”

Sunknowledge Solution Rescuer to Prior Authorization:

Sunknowledge service Inc is the perfect operational extension for your orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization, as running in the medical billing business for decades we also believe in patients care as the top priority. This is why faster effective solution to end to end practice management/revenue cycle management is our primary goal.  With our well-equipped resources and decades of working excellence, we also provide operational transparency with 100% prior authorization submission on the same day through ‘PriorAuth Online’. ‘PriorAuth Online’ also helps increasing your prior authorization rate by 1.5-2x providing equal access to all, being a web-based online portal.

Sunknowledge Prior authorization Expert Provides:

  • Name, date of birth, insurance details of the Patient/subscriber
  • Servicing provider information details (LAB)
  • Ordering provider information details
  • Place of Service
  • Procedure / CPT codes
  • Diagnosis codes
  • The estimated date range for Pre-authorization

Our works do not end here our team also deals with payers contact requirements with

  • Determine the process for prior authorization request submission, i.e. portal, fax, phone, etc.
  • Contact for UM/Pre-Authorization department
  • Fax to send medical notes
  • Expected turn-around time
  • Limitations/exceptions (if any)

We are just a call away

Sunknowledge not only provides orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization as its specialization but also provide standalone/end to end services for data collection, eligibility verification, claims management as well as account receivable.  Our 99.9% accuracy rate not only helps in 80% cost reduction but also 30% reductions in your account receivable bucket.

Leverage Sunknowledge benefit with 97% collection rate and expert solution for effective streamline operation for cash flow. For more information and advice regarding your Orthotics and Prosthetics prior authorization, DME, radiology, genomic lab, specialties pharmacies and other prior authorization problem, Sunknowledge expert are just a call away!

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