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7 Genius Tricks to Make your Bathroom Spacious & Brighter Using Wall Mirrors


The bathroom plays an essential part in the house. A good shower not only brightens the house environment but also lightens the mood. Using bathroom wall mirrors is an excellent way to better the bathroom environment and add to its elegance. Below are seven genius tricks of creating space and brightening a bathroom using a wall mirror?

1.     Duplicate a Style Twice or Thrice

Interior designers use this method to create a look that is twice stunning by duplicating a style either twice or even thrice. This is done over double sinks or over a single long sink rather than having just one plain long large mirror. Having more than one bathroom wall mirror brightens up the whole bathroom and makes it more spacious than any plain bathroom.

Using tall and narrow mirrors for this kind of display is an advantage, especially for small bathrooms since the height of the mirrors will give the room more room and make it seem like it has higher ceilings. Besides making space and brightening up the bathroom, the mirrors add elegance.

2.      Mix and Match the Sizes and Styles of the Mirrors

This is trick works fantastically. Anyone to brighten up or create more space for his or her bathroom should gather a variety of sizes and mirrors styling and hang them in a gallery arrangement. One major thing to keep in mind is to use a similar theme for all the mirrors; thus, they complement rather competing against one another. A house owner should keep them all on one wall, rather than risking a fun house effect. Having different types and sizes of bathroom wall mirror will brighten up the whole environment since natural lighting hits the mirrors and reflects all over the room. Frameless mirrors also help to make the bathroom spacious.

3.      Illuminate it by Adding Backlighting

Not all bathrooms have a window that lets in natural light in. In such cases, a simple frameless mirror can get an update with the addition of back lighting. An interior designer can buy mirrors with built-in lights, or better still add the lighting himself.  Such mirrors are not only ideal for the bathrooms but also in the powder rooms for getting a makeover. Remember that the light should be soft, not harsh, or fluorescent. Light in the bathroom is essential. Everyone wants to see his or her face when applying makeup or just dressing up. Designing up bathrooms and powder rooms can be fun if the house owner already has an idea of what he or she wants.

4.     Hang the Mirrors Creatively

Usually, most people hang most mirrors on the wall. A house owner can go a little further and be unique by hanging the mirror using creative items like thick colored ropes or wire if the idea is to be modern. Using the string or the wire is also secure. A large bathroom wall mirror hanging in the bathroom creates a beautiful environment. The huge mirror brightens up the whole room. This is from natural lighting if there is a window. Instead of one mirror, hanging a pair of mirrors over the side by side that way, the bathroom would be more spacious and brighter.

5.      Go Big by Using Large Mirrors

Not everyone would do this, but there are those that are bold and willing to do this. Large mirrors look impressive, especially in bathrooms. A large frameless mirror would be perfect to avoid going out of the theme. An advantage of the frameless mirror is that if the toilet has bold colors, the large mirror will tone everything down. The big mirror also helps a great deal to bring in light and create more space. Adding a frame to this kind of mirror is also an option. To spice up things, a huge vintage mirror will add elegance to the bathroom.

6.     Be Unique by Using an Unconventional Shape

Being unique by using an unconventional shape is an easy way to make a statement or style a bathroom. Many vintage styles offer an attractive, unique shape. By doing this, an interior designer adds a statement into the bathroom without adding unnecessary accessories to make the room congested. A unique-shaped mirror brings both style and personality. Having at least two or more frameless mirrors of this type in the bathroom creates more space and brightness up to the whole room.

7.      Using Framed mirrors in bathrooms

This display is best when the bathroom has textured wallpapers. The framed mirrors help not to detract from the intended design. An interior designer has to be cautious about the type of frame to pick. Framed mirrors in the bathroom help to create more space in the bathroom and brighten it up.


In conclusion, having bathroom wall mirrors makes a room spacious and brightens it up. Mirrors help to beautify the environment of a room. An interior designer has to survey the size and the location of the bathroom before they decide the type of mirror to place. Another advantage of having a bathroom wall mirror either framed or frameless is that it tones down any bold colors in the room.

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