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    Afghan President Hamid Karzai speaks dur...Afghan President Hamid Karzai speaks during a joint press conference with unseen Tajikistan counterpart Emomali Rahmon at the Presidential palace in Kabul on October 25, 2010. Afghan President Hamid Karzai admitted October 25 that his chief of staff had received "bags of money" from Iran but insisted the payment was transparent and a form of aid from a friendly country. AFP PHOTO/SHAH Marai (Photo credit should read SHAH MARAI/AFP/Getty Images)
    The US media this week broadcast videos delivered from the Pentagon purporting to indicate American airstrikes towards Taliban-run “drug labs” in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. Parroting statements from the top US armed forces commander Gen.

    John Nicholson, tv news broadcasters described that Washington is trying to prevent the Islamist insurgency from “profiting from narcotics trade and other criminal functions.”

    The bombing raids in Helmand declared on Monday are merely aspect of the sharp escalation inside the US air war in Afghanistan that’s saying growing figures of civilian casualties.

    Data launched Tuesday because of the US Air Drive Central Command establish which the Pentagon is on track to fall more than triple the quantity of bombs and missiles about the impoverished state this year, as opposed to 2016.

    In accordance with the US military’s very own figures, it’s got dropped 3,554 weapons on Afghanistan in the course of the main ten months of the 12 months and, in the current fee, is anticipated to prime four,000 in advance of year’s conclusion.

    Final month, it recorded 653 bombs and missiles applied from Afghan targets, the best amount considering that November 2010 in the height with the Obama administration’s “surge”, when about one hundred,000 US troops had been deployed in Afghanistan.

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    The newest raids bundled strikes by state-of-the-art F-22 stealth fighters, which the Pentagon claimed had been used to be able to perform “precision” bombing meant to stay away from civilian casualties.

    This assertion was undercut through the incontrovertible fact that B-52 strategic bombers dropping two,000-pound bombs were being employed from the similar operation.

    Beneath the new guidelines of engagement unveiled through the Trump administration in August, the military services brass continues to be supplied a free of charge hand to escalate the conflict as it sees fit.

    A complete of 16,000 American troops are slated to generally be around the ground in Afghanistan by the starting of next 12 months, while the air war is predicted to continue escalating

    The promises through the Pentagon and also the US media which the hottest assaults were being meant to beat drug trafficking are a patent fabrication targeted at evoking community sympathy with the over sixteen year-old war-America’s longest-that has killed and maimed hundreds of a huge number of Afghans, although turning millions into homeless refugees.

    The truth is that poppy cultivation and drug trafficking from Afghanistan-which ended up banned through the Taliban regime-have grown exponentially since the US invaded the nation in 2001.

    In the sixteen many years of US war and profession, there was a 20-fold enhance during the territory under poppy cultivation, along with the number of opium produced within the region is twenty five moments that of 2001.

    According to conservative UN estimates, opium production accounts for many sixteen for each cent of Afghanistan GDP and even more than two-thirds of your complete agricultural sector in the place.

    Not only the Taliban, but governing administration officials, in the top of the US-backed regime of President Ashraf Ghani to community law enforcement, are intensely involved in the trafficking of medication, as would be the assortment of warlords cultivated by US imperialism as a counterweight on the Taliban.

    Regional leaders in Helmand province condemned the US raids, expressing which they qualified rudimentary sheds in rural locations and did very little to stop the output and trafficking of opium.

    Also, between the victims on the airstrikes, unseen while in the video-game type footage broadcast on US tv news, had been Afghan civilians, adult men, women of all ages and kids.

    All the household of the Helmand resident determined by community authorities as Habibullah was wiped out each time a bomb struck their dwelling around the western outskirts in the Musa Kala district heart.

    A complete of 12 have been killed, which include the person, his wife as well as their youngsters.

    The quantity of civilian casualties is right now increased than anytime considering that the 2001 invasion, with all the sharpest enhance in fatalities caused by air strikes and artillery barrages completed by US and Afghan puppet forces.

    The buildup of troops and airstrikes in Afghanistan is a component of the broader US military services escalation that’s remaining completed from the south Asian place, with the Middle East and into at any time rising territory on the African continent.

    Figures released through the Pentagon indicate which the number of US troops and contractors deployed in the Center East has risen by 33 percent within the very last four months on your own, going from 40,517 to fifty four,one hundred eighty.

    This is undoubtedly a major undercount, because the US army normally fails to incorporate forces that happen to be rotated out and in in the region over a supposedly temporary foundation.

    This troop buildup is completed with none community announcement, considerably less discussion, which is getting made the decision by the cabal of recent and former US generals who mainly management US overseas plan. Sharp increases within the quantity of American troops deployed in a range of Persian Gulf nations are indications of Washington’s preparations for any war versus Iran.

    According to the most current quarterly reviews from the Pentagon, amongst June and September, the US military deployment improved in the area’s two active war zones; in Iraq, from 8,173 to nine,122 as well as in Syria, from one,251 to one,723.

    Considerably larger sized will increase are registered in neighboring countries. In Turkey, the quantity went from one,405 to two,265; in Qatar from three,164 to 6,671; in Bahrain from six,541 to nine,335; during the United Arab Emirates from 1,531 to four,240 as well as in Kuwait, from 14,790 to 16,592. More will increase have already been registered throughout the region, like in Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen and Oman Read More.

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