Universities Welcome Blockchain Certifications

Universities Welcome Blockchain Certifications

Blockchain is unprecedented. Though it took time to see it’s coming of age, the world is sitting now and taking notice. And now every industry seems to embrace it with open arms. Universities are busy preparing courses, schedules, and certifications to make blockchain a study in its own right.

The future of trade, transactions, and banking operations are going for a toss, as even accepted by IMF, and blockchain professionals are in huge demand. The arena is new and so are the challenges in the nascent industry. The people who are subject matter specialists and can help organizations around the world understand and operate in blockchain will be the most coveted employees. It goes without saying great moolah will be flowing in for blockchain professionals.

The University of Edinburgh is coming up with a blockchain technology laboratory to be located within the premises of the School of Informatics. It’s collaborating with a technology startup that goes with the name of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK). The lab is designed to cater to the studies on the subject as well as its involvement in the related interdisciplinary research as well as its wider implications on the dimensions of governments and businesses.

The University of Edinburgh is not the only entrant. Other universities too have jumped the bandwagon to have the share of the blockchain industry. Stanford University started a course on cryptocurrencies quite earlier and soon followed the University of California, Berkeley. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is undergoing a shift already to develop an all-encompassing study on the same.

Talking about other universities in the blockchain industry, University of Nicosia, Cyprus is offering a post-graduate course in the regulation of cryptocurrency, cryptography, and other blockchain applications. If you are a professional and don’t have enough time to spare for regular courses, you can easily get admissions to online courses offering blockchain certifications which are in massive demand. People are short of time, nowadays, and that explains the popularity of such online programs.

Some of the much-in-demand blockchain certifications are Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA) with a wide spectrum of internationally standardized certifications. The certifications on offer are CIP (Cryptocurrency Investment Professional), CIS (Cryptocurrency Investment Specialist), BBP (Business Blockchain Professional), BBS (Business Blockchain specialist), ABE (Associate Blockchain Engineer), and SBE (Senior Blockchain Engineer).

Moreover, you have additional choices with the Blockchain University, B9lab, and the Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium (C4) which are designed to suit the tastes of professionals looking at knowledge improvement and increase in their competitiveness. Not to forget, Princeton University is collaborating with Coursera to provide one course in the blockchain technology.

The increasing number of certifications and studies in the field of blockchain industry bears testimony to its growing popularity and confidence. For people who are crazy about new technologies or have a thing for technical stuff or, in general, anyone who wants to make a switch to a booming industry, they can get into the industry with the right education, practice, and experience.

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