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Understanding Scissor Table uses and Industry Applications


Today, many tasks in both small and middle-sized businesses can be executed safely and more efficiently with a scissor lift table. 

Often, businesses leverage this lifting equipment to save costs, enhance productivity, and promote safety in the workplace. However, it’s worth mentioning that these gadgets can only function successfully when used in the ideal application.  

Basics of Scissor Lift Tables 

Many scissor table lifts in the market can be used in diverse ways. Remember, you need to utilize the recommended lift table for you to achieve success. Other factors that can facilitate success include the table height and capacity of the load. 

If your tasks involve reaching out for elevated work zones, you may want to choose the different types of aerial lifts such as boom or scissor lifts. Having a basic understanding of the ideal scissor lift is beneficial for workers and employers.  

What’s a Scissor Table Lift? 

A scissor table lift is equipment that’s specially designed to move objects and workers in a vertical angle. You can use these lifts to execute any application that would otherwise have required a scaffolding, tower, or ladder. 

These gadgets help operators to complete tasks more securely and faster than would be the case when performing them manually. Eliminating falls with the scissor table lifts can’t be eliminated especially when working from extreme heights. Still, this equipment comes with a robust platform and a safety cable encircled by a barrier. 

The work platform in scissor lifts offer a sturdy foundation and enhanced safety for different tasks executed at varying elevations. Scissor table lifts are defined differently depending on their technical categorization as seen below. 

  • Aerial work platform (AWP)
  • Mobile, elevated work platform (MEWP)
  • Elevated work platform (EWP) 

What are the Features of Scissor Lifts? 

The scissor lift is made using steel and comes with a barrier supported by a beam and a platform. Bar style ruts can also be used to provide support. The struts join together to make the assembly appear like various sets of linked scissor blades. 

The operation process involves an open and close motion such as is the case with scissors. The X pattern is technically referred to as a pantograph. The scissors action is powered by hydraulic operation to empower the lift. 

Scissor Table Lift Extension

Depending on the model, the scissor table lifts can lengthen between 10 to 60 feet vertically. The working heights vary between 20 and 40 feet. Some models are however designed to extend higher while others can be moved back and forth with the lift slightly extended. However, this feature should be utilized cautiously. 

It’s important to go through the user manual to understand the safety precautions required when moving extended scissors lifts. Specific scissors table lifts come with four legs or wheels while other models feature outriggers which penetrate the surrounding ground to enhance stability. 

What Powers Scissor Lifts?

Scissors lifts are powered by; electricity, diesel, gas, or batteries. You can purchase specially designed scissors lifts that can operate indoors. An example of indoor scissor lifts is those that are used in the warehousing or building maintenance industries. Rough terrain scissor lifts are specially designed for outdoor use. If you are planning to execute various tasks on a challenging course, the RTS scissor lifts are ideal.  

Business and Industry Applications of Scissor Lifts 

The execution of various tasks requires the use of scissor lifts. These include; 


  • Building Maintenance 


Some building maintenance features require workers to work from elevated levels. These include; hanging banners, changing bulbs, laying bricks, and accessing utilities. Scissor lifts are a great solution for use in buildings as they facilitate the easy and safe execution of tasks. 


  • Delivery 


Scissors lifts are ideal for the execution of tasks in busy shipping centers. These include; carrying heavy loads and reaching heights that are hard to reach by hand.  

Scissor table lifts can also be used in the; 

  • Production industry
  • Warehousing and 
  • Transportation sector 


Adopting scissor table lifts come in hand to promote employee safety. Further, companies can accelerate the execution of various tasks within the workplace through the use of these gadgets. 



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