Electrical switches are one of the essential elements to complete an electrical circuit. If scientifically explained, this is an electrical component whose primary function is to connect or disconnect the electric flow. If you consider this from a home decoration perspective, this is a fantastic component to decorate the electric boards on the wall. There are several types of switches available in the market, each of them with a specific function. If you search for electrical switches online, you will see thousands of options on your screen. But, before discussing further, let’s see the types of electrical switches available.

Types Of Electrical Switches Used In Home Wiring

Technology has advanced beyond our imaginations, and several advanced types of switches are clear examples of it. The use of traditional ON/OFF switches is still every day among people, but other than that, there are different sensor switches available.

1.   Arteor Switches

This switch comes with neutral and two wires. This switch is mostly used to control lighting or other controls. Moreover, this switch can be combined with one or more wireless lighting controls. This switch is applicable for all types of lamps, including LED, CFL, Halogen, Fluorescent Tubes.

2.   Gateway + Home/Away Wireless Master Switch

This switch is designed to have a connected installation at home. This switch has versatile use as it can control lighting, roller shutter, and other electrical equipment. This master switch can be operated using a smartphone or voice assistants or the home+ control app.

3.   Wireless Switch 1D

Might you be wondering about traditional switches? This is one of its kind, the operation is similar, but the difference is, it is wireless. This switch is used for ON/OFF purposes or dimming of the light. It controls electrical modular plates or electrical switches and sockets. This can be installed over any switchboard or on the wall.

4.   Wireless Sleep/Wake Up Switch

These are highly advanced switches that control the lighting based on the wake-up/sleep cycle. This cycle can be configured in the designated app. These switches are powered by a battery that has a battery life of almost 8 years.

5.   Wireless Curtain/Roller Blind Switch

These switches are mainly designed for controlling wired roller blinds or curtains. This can be directly installed on the wall or the switch plates. This can control up to 20 roller blind switches. A 3V battery powers it.

These days getting customized modular switches is no more a big deal. Several companies are coming forward with innovative ideas to develop the latest models of switches. From a traditional manual controller to automated control, the development has come a long way.

All the types mentioned above are just used for wiring purposes in houses, offices, hotels, etc. There are different switches available at the industrial level, like footswitches, level switches, limit switches, magnetic switches, etc. These all switches are unique with their construction as well as a function too. 

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